With the Nokia 3310, any car can be easily stolen

With the Nokia 3310, any car can be easily stolen
With the Nokia 3310, any car can be easily stolen

For this reason, we are going to tell you about a new technology that is gaining a lot of followers in the US for stealing other people's cars. It seems like no experience is needed at the moment, so there is a lot of fear on the part of the authorities and car owners of losing their cars.

The video is descriptive in itself. A person gets into a car and tries to start it but it won't start because he can't find the key, so the engine won't start even if that person wanted to. For this reason, the man uses an unexpected weapon: a Nokia 3310 phone. Using a USB cable and a Nokia 3310, the screen of the old phone shows various data and options. It appears to be connected to the vehicle's ECU because when you are done taking certain readings the car starts without problems.

Generally, thieves use very small devices, not necessarily mobile phones. It doesn't have to have a screen either, some comfortable headphones are also used to do the necessary hacking. According to Vice magazine, it's not even necessary to know advanced technology for this, since many people buy these devices already set up to carry out a cyberattack, they just have to know which buttons to press to carry out the robbery.

All cars can be stolen, in fact, the internet is full of videos of this kind and you can see very expensive brands like Italian Maserati or other luxury brands. In this way, no one seems to have been freed from this trick that will sooner or later end up being corrected by car manufacturers to prevent it from being stolen. Although it is likely that sooner or later another loophole will be found that will allow the theft to be carried out.

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