15 Genius Ways to Make Money on Facebook in 2023

15 Genius Ways to Make Money on Facebook in 2023
15 Genius Ways to Make Money on Facebook in 2023

 Profit from Facebook is one of the most famous ways through which you can make money and profit from the internet, it represents a great opportunity for many, both in Arab and foreign countries.

Facebook is a great opportunity to make money from the internet and today we will discuss some of these ways, and be sure that if we tried to cover all possible ways to profit from Facebook, you would need a book of hundreds of pages.

Because the ways to profit from Facebook are unlimited.

The 15 best ways to Profit from Facebook

Facebook is considered an opportunity to profit from the internet, and it is also considered a marketing platform par excellence. we have mentioned in several articles about profit from Facebook, and its importance as a marketing platform in the Arab world and you can see it in the following lines.

If you work in the fields of e-marketing, such as e-commerce and affiliate marketing, Facebook will be a very good marketing platform, I recommend Facebook if you want to advertise your brand and reach the largest number of customers.

Is it possible to profit from Facebook?

Of course, the answer to this question is yes, you can earn money and profit from Facebook, and in many ways, you can earn very large profits up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are thinking about starting to profit from the internet, I advise you to think about Facebook and ways to profit from Facebook.

Here are the 15 most important and best ways to profit from Facebook.

1. Profit from the Facebook page

Profiting from Facebook by the way of making content is a very good idea, you can start posting your videos or posting any other type of content via the Facebook page and earn money in various ways.

You can profit from the ads that appear on the videos you post, or you can earn money through advertising or affiliate marketing, and we will discuss them in more detail in the following article.

You can profit from the Facebook page by the following methods:

1. Selling products through the page.

2. Sell advertising space for major brands on the page.

3. Sell courses on your Facebook page.

4. Sale of services.

2. Profit from the Facebook market

A lot of beginners are wondering about how to profit from Facebook, and frankly, the answer and the way I advise beginners is through the Facebook market or marketplace.

 It is a method that does not need any capital at all, it is a free way to profit from Facebook.

This method is based on selling anything used or unused, if you own a device or a certain product that you don't use, you can resell it via Facebook Market Place, or you can make it a real project for you.

You can start importing a certain amount of products from the local market of your city and start selling them with a certain profit margin.

3. Profit from Facebook Kindle 

If you are looking for a new way and have never heard of it, this will be your destination, Amazon Kindle is an Amazon platform through which you can publish e-books, sell them via the platform and earn money.

You can create a book that talks about how to use Facebook or how to profit from Facebook or talks about a new way or a secret that can earn thousands of dollars from Facebook, and publish it on Amazon Kindle.

This method can generate very imaginary profits for you, especially since one book can be sold several times, and the e-book has not lost a lot of money on it, but you can resort to artificial intelligence and chat pocket to write you a whole book that can be published on Amazon Kindle.

4. Profit through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very great way through which you can make big profits with less effort compared to other types of e-commerce and areas of profit from the internet, personally, I strongly recommend this method, especially if you have a Facebook page that attracts views and followers in a large amount and does not know how to make money.

What distinguishes this method is that anyone, no matter how, can earn money through it, you do not need to fulfill any conditions or reach a certain number of viewing minutes.

All you have to do is create a Facebook page and get a good fan base, then sign up for one of the affiliate marketing programs and start promoting products and getting people to buy from your affiliate link.

We have mentioned this method in several articles, I strongly advise you to check it out:

5. Digital marketing on Facebook

Digital marketing via Facebook is a real opportunity to make very big profits, honestly, I strongly advise you in this way, it will literally help you to make unexpected profits permanently, you can profit from digital marketing via Facebook in several ways.

Whether by professional marketing methods and selling them in the form of services or being a marketer and starting marketing for your brand, website, or even your YouTube channel.

Important Facebook is a marketing platform par excellence and will help you reach the target audience, so try to use Facebook and start earning money from digital marketing.

You can provide professional advertising creation services on Facebook, provide brand promotion services through funded ads, or provide design and advertising creation services, the ways to profit from digital marketing through Facebook are unlimited.

6. Selling products on Facebook

Profiting from Facebook by selling products is a very smart idea, at first glance, you might think that we made a mistake and repeated the same method again, we mentioned that you can profit from the marketplace by selling products on Facebook, but you should know that it is not the only way to sell products on Facebook.

Because you can create a special page to sell products via Facebook and promote them through funded advertising and digital marketing, or you can create a professional store via Facebook, and we have already indicated how to create a professional online store via the Facebook platform and profit from it.

7. Selling services on Facebook

If you are a freelancer or a freelancer selling certain services, Facebook will be your first destination to promote your services.

There are several ways you can promote and sell your services on Facebook, for example, if you provide thumbnail design services, you can create your own page, start posting thumbnails on it and try to attract customers via your page.

You can also join Facebook groups related to freelancing, thumbnails, and thumbnail production services.

You can also promote your services using paid advertising on Facebook and marketing through advertising via Facebook.

8. Profit from Facebook by blog

If you own a blog or a website, you can start profiting from Facebook by promoting your blog, you can create a blog page and share information and articles on it periodically and regularly.

Try to reach as many people as possible by posting content or by advertising on the platform and using the marketing methods that we mentioned before.

9. Sell likes, share, and comments on the Facebook page

You can also profit from Facebook by providing page enlargement services, or, say, selling likes and Facebook followers, you can communicate with brands and owners of emerging pages and provide them with a free service at first to increase 100 followers on the page.

Until you convince them of the speed and quality of your service, then you offer them to enlarge pages and sell more followers, you can also offer profit-making services from Facebook, which is a very smart way to promote your service.

You can always take advantage of the marketing methods provided by Facebook, where you can market through sponsored ads or marketing for your service through videos posted on your page or promote your service through Facebook groups.

10. Selling courses on Facebook

If you are a professional and are good at a certain field and can share your experiences and information in the field through a series of videos, selling courses will be a very good way, if you are a cook, you can create a course consisting of a certain number of videos explaining the basics of cooking.

You can create a course in a very short time, publish it on one of the course-selling platforms such as Udemy, or you can create your own website that displays the course and promote it with funded ads or through your Facebook page or even through groups that discuss topics related to cooking and selling courses.

11. Facebook-sponsored stories

When you reach a certain stage of Fame and a number of followers, different companies will start contacting you in order to talk about it and advertise it through your stories and stories on Facebook.

Companies can start communicating with you when you reach the first 100 thousand followers on your page, and it would be great to do your first advertisement and start making profits from advertising and advertising stories.

12. Profit from Facebook rails

You can profit from Facebook Reels through ads that appear in the video, or through affiliate marketing or advertising for certain companies within your Reels videos.

13. Profit from Facebook Stars

This method is new and few have heard of it, it is another way through which you can earn money and profit from Facebook, some call it Facebook Stars or Facebook Stars program, while others call it the Upgrading Program.

After you have achieved the conditions for earning from Facebook, you will be able to join the upgrade program, where you can start doing broadcasts directly on your page and earn money by having your fans send you Stars.

You earn on each star that is sent to you within the live broadcast, 0.01 USD for each star you receive, you need at least 6400 stars to earn 100 USD.

14. Profit from Facebook videos

We mentioned earlier about the profit from creating a Facebook page, and we also pointed out in other articles about the profit from Facebook videos, it is a very good way, through which you can create content on your page.

If you are a YouTuber or posting videos on a platform other than Facebook, it is stupid not to think about Facebook, especially since the interaction is more and the video access is greater.

15. Profit from Facebook through Instant Games

Instant Games are another way that you may not have heard of, but you should know that there are those who earn more than 100 dollars a month using this method, as you can make money from the ads that appear within the games.

Those who have experience in designing and programming games can earn money and profit from Facebook by designing and selling Instant Games or by profiting from ads that appear within the games or even profiting from providing instant game creation services for Facebook.

And if you don't understand what we're talking about yet, let me explain to you well, when you browse Facebook, mostly you will see posts in the form of games when you click on them, you are redirected to a specific page for a specific game, while playing the game you are shown a bunch of ads, those ads are the way game programmers earn money.

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