WhatsApp offers to automatically share status to Facebook!

WhatsApp offers to automatically share status to Facebook!
WhatsApp offers to automatically share statuses to Facebook!

A new option may soon arrive in the WhatsApp application, which is designed for those who want to share their statuses as stories on Facebook.

Although performing this task is simple, WhatsApp wants to make it a little easier with an upcoming update so that you don't have to perform this process manually.

For a long time, it gave users the option to share their statuses directly on Facebook, as stories. Just look for the 'Share' option and the status posted on WhatsApp will be recycled and become a Facebook story automatically.

Although it is a practical method, the user must remember to implement this option every time he posts a status on WhatsApp. On the other hand, it forces you to leave WhatsApp to complete the process on Facebook.

This a problem that will be resolved soon, as WhatsApp plans to integrate a new option into the application that would allow this process to be performed automatically. As mentioned on WABetaInfo, the app will have a new option in Settings called Share with Facebook.

If the user activates this option, WhatsApp will automatically share the status with Facebook. So every time you upload a status on WhatsApp, it will be posted as a Facebook story.

At the moment, this new option is not available in the WhatsApp application, as it is still under development in beta versions for iOS and Android. We will therefore have to wait for future updates to see how this new dynamic works, and if WhatsApp also considers extending it to Instagram.

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