Say goodbye to cluttered screens with Windows 11's Alternate Tab update

 Microsoft has obviously planned to make a big change to the Alt+Tab functionality by limiting the number of open tabs. This could save resources and simplify navigation.

Windows 11
Say goodbye to cluttered screens with Windows 11's Alternate Tab update

Fewer tabs, more RAM?

A few days ago, Microsoft released builds 23424, 22624.1537, and 25330 of its Windows 11 operating system. These are unstable versions, tested with developers and insiders before public deployment. The opportunity to add new features, see if they work as expected, or collect data and user feedback.

One of these new features was spotted and commented on on Twitter by XenoPanther, before being widely relayed. Xeno has indeed noticed that the All Tabs mentioned have been replaced in the system settings by the 20 most recent windows and tabs. According to him, this means that the historical shortcut, which allows you to quickly switch from one window to another, will gain flexibility by sacrificing its power.

Microsoft has not yet communicated on this subject, but this change would aim to reduce the impact of multitasking on RAM and thus avoid crashes related to memory or low-performance processors. A limitation to 20 tabs or windows would have no impact on most users but could cause some problems for "power users", who use many programs simultaneously.

The highly anticipated Moment 3 update

The next major Windows 11 update is expected to roll out to the general public in May. Until then, Moment updates have been thought of as continuous innovations intended to improve the operating system as needed, but Moment 3 could be massive. Based on the features added to the Canary channel, we can expect to discover a much larger search button, a completely revamped OneDriv application, or the association of the Screenshot tool with the PrintScreen key.

Among the other things that appeared on the various test channels, we find the possibility of uninstalling the Camera application, the Widgets panel divided into three columns, or the control of the adaptive brightness of the contents. It remains to be seen whether everything will go well, or whether this new update will cause as much trouble as the previous one.

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