finally! WhatsApp will completely change its design, and this is its new look

finally! WhatsApp will completely change its design, and this is its new look

It seems that after several years with almost nothing changed, WhatsApp is starting to work. Thanks to WABetaInfo we can know that WhatsApp is changing the interface of the application. More and more users have been complaining about this issue. The app is packed with interesting features, but there are no design changes. Now only a few weeks separate us from the global WhatsApp design update.

The WhatsApp design changed in 2023, what's new?

Everything indicates that in the coming weeks, the new design of the WhatsApp application will appear through the beta version of the application. The bad news is that it will change little by little, not suddenly, so the changes will be gradual throughout the year. The first part you'll see changed is the Attach menu.

Starting with the update, when you click on the clip icon to submit an image, your site or document will appear with a new design. This has already been leaked and reveals a floating window with a white background and smaller icons.

The surface is larger and holes are left for future tokens that may arrive very soon. The functionality will not change, only the design and placement of icons. It is strange that there is not an iota of green in this new design other than that of the icons, which raises the following question: Will WhatsApp remove the main green color?

This change will come very soon to the beta version of WhatsApp and soon after to the global version that all users have. More design changes will be shown throughout the year, as this change shouldn't come alone.

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