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The Top 10 VPNs of 2023: A Side-by-Side Comparison to Help You Choose

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We can never repeat it enough, good practices such as regularly changing your passwords, using an HTTPS connection, and never opening an email from an unknown recipient allow, at the very least, to protect your personal data. Coupled with a VPN (a virtual private network), these precautions become more effective, and your confidential information is only better protected. In this month of February 2023, in order to help you find the solution that best suits your requirements, your needs, and your means, we have sifted through the 10 main VPN providers by analyzing speed, security, and respect for your privacy.

The ranking of the best VPNs in February 2023 :

  • CyberGhost
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Surf shack VPN
  • Proton VPN
  • Atlas VPN
  • Hide.me
  • Privado VPN
  • PureVPN

Subscribing to a VPN service has many advantages. In addition to the guarantee of preserving your anonymity online and protecting your personal data from prying eyes, sometimes malicious, it allows you to thwart state censorship, bypass website blockages, bypass the geo-restrictions of foreign streaming services, or even save money when booking and shopping online on platforms using cookies and other trackers to skyrocket their prices between visits

But how to choose a good VPN? Which subscription offers the possibility to unblock Netflix? Which one offers the best online security? Which supplier to choose when planning to move to censored territory? Depending on your profile, your online uses, the price you are willing to pay, and the features you are looking for, here you will find a selection of the best VPN services for February 

VPN comparison table for February 2023

For this VPN comparison, our tests were carried out 100% independently. They take into account the level of security offered by the services presented here as well as their performance, the quality of the integrated features, and the price ranges at which they market their packages.

1. CyberGhost VPN: the best aggressively priced VPN

CyberGhost is an authority figure in the VPN sector and stands out both for the extent of its server network and for its exhaustive features. It is easy to understand that tens of millions of Internet users trust this Bucharest service which invests without concession in the security and stability of its infrastructure to make it one of the best - if not the best - VPNs on the market.

Founded in 2011 in Romania, it didn't take CyberGhost to rise to the rank of the best VPNs. Building on its success, the supplier continues to improve, year after year, the quality of its service. Equipped with a modern and intuitive interface, compatible with the majority of connected platforms, and rigorous regarding data security on the Internet, it has a very large infrastructure including 9,294 servers distributed in 91 countries and 115 locations. It is also one of the cheapest VPNs on the market given the many functions it offers. Check out our full review of the CyberGhost VPN.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

The head office of CyberGhost is established in Romania, therefore out of alliance 5 / 9 / 14 Eyes, its VPN service benefits from legislation favorable to the protection of privacy and anonymity online.

It is also recalled that the country is one of the first EU Member States to have ruled unconstitutional the former Directive 2006/24/EC on data retention. Even today, the ANSPDCP – a national, independent, and autonomous authority responsible for ensuring compliance with the protection of personal data on Romanian territory - actively monitors abuses and does not hesitate to pin companies collecting, processing, and storing private information without the consent of Internet users.

With regard to these details, CyberGhost can therefore guarantee a true policy of non-logging of connection data and online activities when using its VPN service.

A VPN for all platforms and all uses

CyberGhost spares no effort to offer everyone a good quality VPN solution. For the same price, the service manages up to 7 devices at the same time and reports a very extensive cross-platform coverage including clients for the main operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS), web extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and applications for the Amazon Fire and Android TV platforms.

Numerous tutorials available on the Romanian provider's website guide Internet users in the manual configuration of the VPN on all kinds of connected devices (routers, Raspberry Pi, NAS, Internet boxes, Smart and Apple TV, game consoles, etc.) for which there is no dedicated application. In case of difficulties, customer support answers all questions in French, 24/7.

In use, CyberGhost proves that it knows how to meet the most specific needs and the most advanced requirements. From a functional point of view, it organizes its servers by specialties (standard, games, torrenting, streaming, NoSpy), integrates an automatic connection option to the best server, supports personalized lists of favorite locations, reports the online SVOD / TV platforms for which its servers dedicated to streaming are optimized, displays the physical distances that separate Internet users from the selected servers and communicates in real-time on the pings affecting the servers optimized for gaming.

On the security side, CyberGhost implements the OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols, compatible with the AES-256 encryption algorithm. In addition, the provider strengthens its traffic-locking device using a kill switch, a Wi-Fi network protection mode, or even an ad blocker and malicious sites.

The second most important infrastructure on the market

With more than 9,000 servers scattered around the world, CyberGhost is at the head of one of the most important RAM infrastructures in the VPN market. The progressive deployment of 10 Gb/s servers allows it to improve the performance of equipment dedicated to streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, etc.) and torrent file downloads, while the development of NoSpy servers, owned, maintained, managed, and hosted by the VPN provider, strengthen the security of Internet users' personal data.

However, such an abundance of servers does not guarantee excellent performance. Despite correct and stable data rates, CyberGhost is proving to be a little less fast and balanced than its two main competitors ExpressVPN and NordVPN, regardless of the location chosen.

2. NordVPN: the VPN with the best quality/price ratio

Present on the market since 2012, NordVPN has seriously ramped up in recent years. Based on one of the largest infrastructures in the VPN sector, it offers a wide range of features without ever neglecting its performance or compromising the security of data on the Internet.

With an extensive fleet of nearly 5,500 servers spread over 60 countries, NordVPN is one of the most important VPN providers. Domiciled in Panama, it applies a very strict privacy policy consisting of not collecting or sharing the data of its users on the Internet. By dint of innovations, it continues to widen the gap with most of its competitors. 

Jurisdiction and VPN location

Based in Panama, a country recognized as a data haven, the provider benefits from one of the best VPN jurisdictions. This small state guarantees total freedom of expression and prohibit any form of interference in private life. NordVPN is therefore not subject to the laws of the 5, 9, and 14 Eyes of Western countries which force companies to keep data on their customers, nor to any other restrictive legislation. In a nutshell, the service offers a reliable "zero log" privacy policy.

Security, stability, speed

Since its launch, NordVPN has constantly raised its security objectives. In addition to supporting the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, the VPN provider has focused on developing its proprietary solution: NordLynx. Considered more secure, as stable, and as fast as WireGuard, from which it borrows part of the source code, NordLynx is compatible with AES-256. In addition to these important implementations, the service strengthens traffic protection with the help of essential features – kill switch, Wi-Fi network security, DNS anti-leak module - and bonuses - access to the Tor network, anti-threat protection, dark web monitoring, and Mesh network.

We remind you that NordVPN was the victim of a hack and a data leak stored on one of its Finnish servers in 2019. A major blow for the company hastened to make significant changes to its infrastructure: purchase, management, and internal maintenance of its server fleet, deployment and generalization of RAM storage, regular audits of its equipment, and creation of a Bug Bounty program.

Profound transformations have, however, not been right for the performance of the service. NordVPN can now boast of having one of the fastest network infrastructures in the industry, playing elbows with ExpressVPN. The data rates recorded during our tests attest to the effectiveness of the VPN in streaming UHD content in an extremely fluid way, regardless of the physical location of the VPN server through which the connection passes. All the servers made available by the service unblock geo-restricted content on Netflix, Disney+, HBO, and Hulu. Prime Video still resists NordVPN which only manages to lure Amazon's service randomly. The VPN also includes several hundred pieces of equipment dedicated to P2P.

A clear increase in cross-platform coverage

Like ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, NordVPN is now available on most existing systems. The VPN supports the main OS (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS), Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers, as well as Android TV. The application, pleasant to use, is organized around clear and well-arranged menus. It is possible to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Although they do not have a VPN client per se, Kindle Fire, Apple TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, Linux routers, or streamers such as Chromecast and Firestick attached to a home network or a device connected to NordVPN also benefit from the protection of the service.

Many configuration tutorials are available on the provider's website. In case of difficulty, customer support answers questions via live chat, in French (translation software), 24/7. A first-rate service for a subscription with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

3. ExpressVPN: the most powerful VPN

An essential reference, ExpressVPN has a range of features and services among the most complete in the VPN industry. Equipped with more than 3,000 servers scattered in 94 countries (151 locations), it stands out thanks to its impressive speeds, the quality of the connections established, and its ease of use. In summary, this is the best VPN in terms of speed and stability.

Based on a more modest infrastructure than those of CyberGhost or NordVPN, ExpressVPN nevertheless does not demerit and offers many physical or virtual locations around the world. In a logic of clear distinction, the service has been able to take advantage of high-performance in-house technologies, as well as through the implementation of solid multilayer security.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN enjoys one of the best possible jurisdictions for a VPN. Not subject to the Patriot Act or other restrictive surveillance laws, the provider offers serious guarantees regarding the confidentiality and protection of its users' data. ExpressVPN does not record any logs and has never defaulted on this topic since its creation.

Versatility and performance

ExpressVPN supports most operating systems and connected devices. In addition to traditional OS (PC, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS), the VPN is compatible with Kindle Fire, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, BlackBerry, Linux routers, or streamers such as Chromecast. The service allows you to use up to 5 devices simultaneously, but it offers a router application that allows you to connect an unlimited number of terminals on the same network.

The real strength of ExpressVPN lies in its status as the fastest VPN. At the end of the speed tests conducted in our opinion, it appears to be the most balanced service, while the linear data rates do not change, or little, from one location to another, and this is even at the other end of the world. Performance that can partly be attributed to the deployment of 10 Gb/s RAM servers equipped with 20 to 32 cores, gradually replacing 4-core equipment, capped at 1 Gb/s.

The choice of the tunneling protocol also contributes to the speed of the service. Like its competitors, the provider uses OpenVPN and IKEv2, as well as L2TP/IPsec. He also opposes NordVPN and Nordlynx with his homemade protocol, also based on WireGuard and partially open source: Lightway.

These optimal performances result from very good management of torrent file downloads and excellent support for streaming platforms, while ExpressVPN shows itself capable of unblocking foreign catalogs on Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, regardless of the VPN server selected.

Simplicity and automation

On desktop as on mobile, the VPN application is particularly easy to use. Although the settings are limited, advanced users keep hold of the IPv6 leak protection controls as well as the split tunneling options.

For the rest, ExpressVPN favors simplicity. The selection of the fastest server is fully automated, and it is enough to launch the VPN when the client opens by immediately clicking on the connection button, or optionally refine the connection location by selecting a country from the recommended locations.

Other features such as the kill switch or the optimization of the system's network parameters are activated by default in order to offer Internet users a ready-to-use service and a standard user experience.

A desire for simplicity also applies to the absence of servers optimized for specific uses. However, aware of its bias against the current of competition, the provider integrates an original option soberly called "Speed Test", allowing to measure and compare the performance (download speeds and latencies) of a selection of servers, by continents and recommended locations.

4. Surfshark VPN: the most innovative VPN

Since its launch in 2018, Surfshark has shown exemplary progress and has quickly integrated our comparison of the best VPNs on the market. The service does not intend to make old bones and continues its evolution even if the walk is done at a more moderate pace.

Surfshark, which showed excellent performance from the outset, continues to evolve. The VPN has completed its once-limited cross-platform coverage and now supports most connected devices and routers on the market. Surfshark has also upgraded its infrastructure, which currently has more than 3,200 servers spread over 100 countries around the world.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

Previously based in the British Virgin Islands, whose legal framework was one of the best for VPNs, Surfshark made the curious choice to move its headquarters to the Netherlands. Despite the presence of the latter within the "14 eyes" (an international alliance of intelligence services), Surfshark assures that this has no impact on its no-logging policy. However, this relocation is not reassuring for the most demanding users in terms of privacy.

A multitude of features

SurfShark offers a very complete service with the possibility of accessing Netflix catalogs from many countries, servers optimized for P2P and torrents, a "Withelister" whitelist to allow applications and web services to bypass the VPN connection, different protocols as well as the "MultiHop" mode allowing the connection to be transmitted via 2 servers, and AES 256-bit encryption.

Available on all classic OS (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS), Surfshark has a web extension for Chrome or Firefox and a VPN application for Amazon Fire TV. The big highlight of the service, it allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices at the same time. Quite responsive, the customer support includes a chat available only in English. He also responds by email in French through a translator within 24 hours.

Optimized connections and increased security

In its subscription, Surfshark has a function called "Fastest Server" which automatically selects the server geographically closest to the user in order to offer the best possible speed. The speed of the connections is generally very satisfactory, but it is characterized by rather significant performance differences between locations.

Surfshark also benefits from top-notch security with a 256-bit AES encryption combined with a SHA512 authentication hash and a 2048-bit DHE-RSA key exchanger.

It is based on the two VPN protocols IKEv2 and OpenVPN as well as the now essential WireGuard of the latest generation. Note that the service has abandoned the Shadowsocks VPN protocol. For the rest, Surfshark also has advanced settings such as the Kill Switch and protections against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks. In the register of novelties, Surfshark has developed an ultra-simple cybersecurity suite available as an option.

5. Proton VPN: the most secure VPN

Launched in 2017, Proton VPN is one of the best solutions for those who want to protect their online privacy thanks to increased security. With recent innovations, the service now offers performance that rivals those of the best VPNs on the market.

Proton VPN is one of the VPN providers that has evolved the most in recent months. Still equipped with one of the most beautiful interfaces on the market, Proton VPN now integrates a VPN accelerator that increases connection speeds by up to 400% on the most remote servers and continues to deploy its application on an increasing number of platforms such as game consoles. Renowned for its high level of security and confidentiality, this service, which was mainly aimed at journalists and dissidents in the past, now has all the assets to appeal to the greatest number.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Proton VPN was designed by the same scientists and security experts who created the Proton Mail encrypted messaging. The provider offers a high level of security and does not keep any logs of the activity of its users. To reach a wider audience, the Swiss VPN has significantly improved its performance and now offers servers optimized for streaming and peer-to-peer.

Jurisdiction and VPN location

Due to its location in Switzerland, Proton VPN enjoys some of the strictest privacy laws on the planet. As a non-signatory to international surveillance agreements, the company escapes the control of the intelligence services. It can only be legally forced by the authorities of its country to provide information about its users in extremely specific cases, under a Swiss court order, even if the request comes from abroad. In addition, Proton VPN applies a real no-logging policy whether for its paid or free VPN service.

A VPN in net progress

Proton VPN is based on a relatively modest infrastructure comprising 1,925 servers spread over 67 countries. In the register of novelties, the provider has developed a VPN accelerator that delivers excellent performance. A small revolution for the Swiss VPN which offers speeds up to 400% faster than in the past. It also has servers specifically optimized for access to the Tor network, P2P, and streaming. This new version is one of the best VPNs for accessing geo-blocked streaming or television platforms from or abroad such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, myCANAL, etc. All our tests were conclusive, including for access to Amazon Prime Video which blocks a majority of competing VPNs.

The service also stands out thanks to an ultra-modern interface with impeccable ergonomics and high-level security. It indeed has a wide range of tools to protect users such as AES 256-bit encryption and Kill Switch, DNS leak prevention, and split tunneling functions. Not to mention the choice between different VPN protocols, including WireGuard, and the home network routing solution "Secure Core" responsible for passing traffic through different countries before accessing the Internet.

Customer support to improve

Applications are available for the main OS (Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, Android, and iOS), and more recently for Chromebooks and Android TVs. ProtonVPN supports some routers, but unfortunately, it still doesn't work on game consoles, AppleTV, or Smart TVs.

Depending on the subscription chosen, the VPN allows you to use 1, 2, or 10 devices simultaneously. Its main weak point still lies in the absence of a chat service for support which is available only in English via a messenger. ProtonVPN is nevertheless one of the best alternatives of the moment with a monthly subscription without commitment among the most attractive on the market.

6. AtlasVPN: The young outsider

Despite its relative youth (2020), AtlasVPN has established itself over the years as a particularly interesting alternative in the saturated world of VPNs. The service now offers one of the most complete and interesting offers on the market, whether via its free or paid offer.

AtlasVPN has been able to generate a real consumer base in just a few months, in particular thanks to its free offer which offers various features normally accessible to premium subscribers at the competition. We think for example of anonymity when browsing, or accessing video streaming or torrents. However, this does not prevent the young service from offering a high-quality premium offer, especially in automation. We also find some of the main functions sought in a VPN, namely a tracker blocker, the safe swap, or the kill switch.


Founded in 2019, then acquired in 2021 by the NordSecurity Group (which also owns NordVPN in particular), AtlasVPN has its headquarters located in Delaware, USA, in the middle of the territory of the Five Eyes (namely the alliance of intelligence services of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States). This is an aspect that may disturb more than one potential user. However, in its privacy policy, the provider guarantees not to keep any logs and not to track the activity of its customers.

A completely free solution

AtlasVPN has enjoyed tremendous popularity in just a few months, especially thanks to the many features offered by the tool's free offer. The goal of its creators was indeed to make it the number 1 VPN among those that do not require payment. Users of the free offer thus do not suffer from a decrease in speed compared to the premium offer, and certain functions such as access to video streaming or torrents are available to them. Overall, the creators of AtlasVPN have managed to achieve their goal: this is indeed one of the most impressive free proposals on the market.

Of course, a premium offer is nevertheless made available to Internet users looking for an even more complete experience. The number of servers offered thus increases drastically for the latter, and Atlas does not impose any limit on simultaneous connection. It is therefore possible to use it on all types of media at the same time, or even to share your account.

Some small areas for improvement

As for speed, AtlasVPN is particularly impressive, except when connecting to a server located on the other side of the globe. Same for the ping: the latency delay is directly influenced by the geographical distance at which we are from said server. AtlasVPN will therefore potentially not be the preferred VPN for online players. In the same way, for torrents, the tool still has a long way to go: Atlas does not have a SOCKS5 proxy or port redirection, which does not make it one of the best services of its kind for downloading.

In terms of security, we obviously regret that AtlasVPN is subject to local law (that is to say that of the USA). In its privacy policy, Atlas specifies collecting anonymous information such as changes made to the application, settings, or registrations for the trial period. However, overall, the service is of the no-log type and only the email address is the personal data collected by the company.

7. Hide.me : the most generous VPN

After a few difficult years, Hide.me makes a big comeback in our ranking of the best VPNs. Thanks to a complete and effective redesign of its service, it is positioning itself in particular as one of the best VPNs for streaming.

Founded in 2012 in Malaysia, Hide.me is known for its free VPN. This one becomes even more interesting because its transfer limit increased two years ago from 2 GB/month to 10 GB/month. At the same time, the paid version had undergone a total redesign that had allowed Hide.me to come back in force in our comparison of the best VPNs. The Malaysian provider persists and signs thanks to a significant improvement in its network of self-managed servers, and numerous innovations, including the implementation of the WireGuard VPN protocol and new advanced features.


Since its creation, Hide.me has always made the protection of its users a priority. As such, she benefits from her location in Malaysia, which has been at the forefront in terms of personal data protection for about ten years. Private companies are not required to collect and store data about their customers. Hide.me can therefore apply a real no-logging policy: no information is recorded whether it is the IP address, the pages visited, or even the timestamp. Only the email address used for registration is kept for support and exchanges with customers. With ProtonVPN, Hide.me is one of the few providers to offer a free no-log VPN.

Optimized access to streaming services

Hide.me supports the most widespread platforms with dedicated applications for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Amazon Fire OS as well as Chrome and Firefox browsers. Unfortunately, the service is still ignoring Android TV and manual configurations for Smart TVs, Apple TVs, and game consoles. Up to 10 devices can be used simultaneously with the Malaysian VPN.

After analyzing the feedback from its users, Hide.me has decided to optimize access to American streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, HBO Now or Pandora, and Spotify. The result is very impressive and made Hide.me one of the best VPNs to bypass the geographical blockages of these services in the United States. The VPN is not left out for downloading torrents which benefits from an additional layer of security with "Stealth Guard". If there is a connection problem, it automatically disconnects the download applications such as uTorrent or BitTorrent.

In constant progress, the VPN keeps all its promises in the most popular locations, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and especially the United States where it has the largest number of servers. The significant performance gaps in more distant locations such as Australia or Japan, for example, are no longer a distant memory. The generalization of new 10 Gb / s servers has made it possible to homogenize the speeds of the connections in all the countries covered by the VPN. Available 24/24 and 7/7 via a live chat or a ticket system, the technical support is serious and responsive. He answers in French via a translation software.

A self-managed infrastructure

With ProtonVPN, PureVPN, or Freedom, Hide.me is one of the very few providers to have developed its own network infrastructure around the world. Concretely, this allows it to maintain a very high level of security and confidentiality by ensuring that no third party interferes with its service. The Malay company has a total of more than 2,000 VPN servers distributed in 75 locations around the world on 5 continents.

The VPN has an ultra-complete range of security features which consists in particular of the WireGuard VPN protocol, the "Kill Switch", the "Split Tunnel", or even the remarkable in-house "Stealth Guard" function to protect downloads. Not to mention the new "Dynamic Multihop" and "Pulse" features, respectively, allow you to choose your input/output servers and benefit from the best possible throughput. Hide.me does not record session logs or any activity related to the VPN connection of its users. Only the email address used for registration is kept for support purposes. Generous, the premium plan with a 2-year commitment includes 2 TB of free storage on Cloud storage.

8. PrivadoVPN, the new kid

PrivadoVPN is a relatively new provider in the VPN business space. The service was founded in 2019 and is based in Switzerland. Based on its marketing, it seems to be more focused on privacy and security than anything else.

PrivadoVPN only collects a small amount of information, and not all of this information is identifiable. It does not collect anything sensitive like your IP address or the websites you visit. The only information that the Swiss authorities can obtain is your email and your username.


PrivadoVPN is based in Zug, Switzerland, under the name Privado Networks AG. This is an excellent country to establish a VPN company because of its robust privacy laws that respect the privacy of consumers. Being based in Switzerland means that PrivadoVPN has no legal obligation to store its subscribers' data. As Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, it is not required to comply with any data retention guidelines.

The provider is committed to applying a secure privacy policy and integrates several technologies designed to protect privacy, including AES-256 encryption, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.

Good performance despite the timid infrastructure

The global speeds of this VPN are just as impressive as their local speeds. There will always be a greater speed loss when connecting to more distant countries, but in the case of PrivadoVPN, this speed loss is kept to a minimum.

PrivadoVPN has 100 servers in 44 countries. There are fewer countries available to connect than among the market leaders, who can offer more than 60 countries. However, this is still more countries than the majority of VPNs are able to offer.

100 is a small number of physical servers for hundreds or thousands of users, but we have never observed abnormal slowdowns during our tests.

However, PrivadoVPN only uses physical servers. This is more expensive to set up and operate, but they are generally safer. PrivadoVPN favors quality over quantity. One drawback, however, is that it is not an extremely diverse network. Due to its commitment to physical servers, there are no options for Middle Eastern countries and only one for Africa (South Africa).

A multiplatform cover that gives pride of place to do-it-yourselfers

PrivadoVPN has applications available for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. There are also apps for Fire TV Stick and Android TV. Manual configuration guides are available on the PrivadoVPN website if you want to configure the VPN on Linux or your router (through downloadable configuration files). PrivadoVPN does not have browser extensions for Firefox or Chrome, but you can use the VPN on up to 10 devices at a time.

Finally, let's mention the streaming usefulness of PrivadoVPN and its ability to access Netflix, the American servers being particularly efficient. This is quite surprising because small services usually have a hard time getting through. The UK servers have also done a good job of making the BBC iPlayer accessible.

9. HMA (HideMyAss): the most automated VPN

Once perceived by some as the best VPN on the market, in any case, the best known in France and in the world, HideMyAss still has serious arguments to make for the general public. A neat service that is particularly convincing for streaming.

Founded in 2005 by a 16-year-old teenager, HMA (formerly HideMyAss) is one of the oldest providers tested in our VPN comparison. The donkey mascot service claims no less than 400 million users have 1,090 VPN servers spread over 290 locations and 210 countries. Bought by the free antivirus specialist Avast (based in Prague), it offers an excellent level of security but shows less performance than other heavyweights on the market.


The head office of HMA is based in the United Kingdom which is part of the members of the international surveillance alliances 5, 9, and 14 eyes. That's not all, the country has set up one of the most permissive surveillance systems for its citizens on the planet. As mentioned in its privacy policy, the company is required to keep certain personal data to comply with its legal obligations. In this context, HMA can in no way claim to apply a no-logs policy.

A must of simplicity almost completely automated

Compatible with the main platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS) and some routers, its application available in French constitutes a model of simplicity. Each feature is associated with a small description making it easy to understand and perform each set. The latter, however, boils down to the essentials with an "Emergency Stop" function (Kill Switch), the possibility of activating the TCP protocol (only), setting the network connection in private or public mode, or even changing the IP address at regular intervals.

The web interface, on the other hand, is content with displaying the information relating to the account and the license and making it possible to download the application. Apart from the traditional updates, the VPN has not evolved in the last two years. It even ignores the implementation of the WireGuard protocol adopted by the majority of competing services. HMA clearly hunts on the lands of novices. As with most of the software classified in the VPN comparison, it is advisable to connect to the servers closest geographically (in France for example) to take advantage of an optimal connection speed.

Optimized servers dedicated to streaming and P2P

Despite the scale of its network, the speeds are far from being as satisfactory as those of the market leaders, NordVPN, and its two 2 main challengers ExpressVPN and CyberGhost. On the other hand, HMA proves to be more convincing for access to Netflix catalogs and other streaming services based in the USA, England, and Germany thanks to 20 Gb/s servers, specifically optimized. Likewise, the service has many servers dedicated to P2P / torrents which are rather efficient overall.

In terms of security, HMA encrypts the connection (AES 256 bits) from end to end and does not keep any log on the activities of its users. It is possible to protect up to 5 devices simultaneously with the VPN, against 7 for CyberGhost or unlimited for Surfshark. Data transfers and bandwidth are unlimited. Special mention for the after-sales service that is as responsive as it is efficient and accessible 24/24 in French, especially by chat.

10.  PureVPN: a streaming ace in the USA

Launched in Hong Kong in 2007, PureVPN is one of the pioneers of the VPN market. After a long crossing of the desert, the service is back in force with important developments at the key. True to its reputation, it displays rates that defy all competition.

PureVPN has long been one of the favorite VPN providers for techies thanks to its multitude of advanced features. For the past two years, it has taken a 180° turn by simplifying its interface and its tools to the extreme to address a wider audience. It is now trying to focus on performance and has announced that it has implemented new 20 Gb/s servers up to twice as fast in some locations.


To get back in the race for the best VPNs on the market, PureVPN has undertaken other important changes. Starting with a relocation of its headquarters from Hong Kong to the British Virgin Islands in order to be able to apply a real no-logging policy. Its location in Hong Kong was indeed raising more and more concerns about potential interference from China. PureVPN can now take advantage of the legal framework of the autonomous Caribbean Islands which has no data retention laws. The territory is also not part of any international data-sharing alliance.

A self-managed infrastructure and extensive coverage

Unlike many competing services, the provider prides itself on owning and managing its own international network infrastructure. It consists of more than 6,500 physical and virtual servers distributed in 73 countries and 96 locations around the world. It recently announced that it has implemented many new, more efficient 20 Gb/s servers in certain destinations. It is one of the few VPN services to offer the possibility of acquiring a dedicated IP address. It has more than 300,000 IP addresses, including static IP addresses (with or without port forwarding) located in different countries: Germany, Hong Kong, Malta, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and the United States.

PureVPN offers the largest cross-platform coverage with ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and NordVPN. In addition to classic OS and web browsers, it not only supports TV boxes (Android TV, Amazon Fire, Kodi, AppleTV) but also many SmartTVs, as well as game consoles and most routers on the market. In the register of novelties, PureVPN now offers the possibility of connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously (against 5 previously). In use, the VPN is particularly good for streaming in the United States and the United Kingdom. Unlike many of its competitors, it is able to unblock Netflix or Amazon Prime Video without any latency.

A perfect positioning

Since its redesign in 2020, PureVPN, which was aimed at expert users, is now making an eye for the general public. Only the ultra-complete web console survived the great purge operated by PureVPN to simplify its service to the extreme. Its advanced features are now reduced to the essentials with the traditional Kill Switch connection switch, and Split tunneling which provides an additional layer of security against attacks. In addition to AES 256-bit encryption, it offers the classic VPN protocols - OpenVPN, L2PT, and IKEv2 - as well as the latest generation WireGuard protocol on Windows, macOS, and Android (Android 9.0 and later).

Although the support is only in English, it has the advantage of responding almost in real-time via a live chat available 24/24 and 7/7. As usual, PureVPN practices very aggressive prices with subscription packages over 1 or 2 years (excluding special promotions) among the most attractive on the market.


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