YouTube Music allows users to create their own radio

YouTube Music allows users to create their own radio

YouTube Music has most of the options that we usually use to listen to our favorite songs from the music streaming service.

We can search for songs by mood, genre, moments, trends, news, and artists, among many other options. And if you have an artist you like, not only do you have the possibility to listen to all of their albums, but you can also go directly to the singer's "Radio". A dynamic that gets even better with the new functionality that the YouTube team is testing.

As mentioned by some users on Reddit, YouTube Music gives users the ability to create a custom radio. ie users can create a radio by selecting all their favorite artists. And the dynamic is simple. Just tap Create Radio and YouTube Music will show you artist profiles, just like when you create an account in the app.

Once you have selected all of your favorite artists, click Next so that YouTube Music will allow you to customize the type of radio you intend to create. Three options are presented on the test, ranging from Familiar, Blend, and Discover

On the other hand, you can also apply a series of filters to further customize the style of the songs that will appear on the radio. For example, popular, new releases, training, and so on. When you're done selecting all of these options, you can click "Create" so that YouTube will create your radio.

 For now, this new option seems to be a test, so we'll have to wait until it's available to everyone.

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