Free TV Channels broadcasting France vs Morocco match in World Cup 2022

Free TV Channels broadcasting France vs Morocco match in World Cup 2022

After qualifying for the semi-finals in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which Qatar will host these days, morocco and France will meet for the 12th time in their history.

Morocco qualified for the semi-finals for the first time in its history and became the first Arab and African team to reach this round, after defeating Portugal with a goal scored by star Youssef Al-Nusairi near the end of the first half of the match, which took place yesterday, Saturday, at Al-Thumama Stadium in Doha.

As for France, it continues to defend the title strongly and reached this role after defeating the English team, the “Three Lions”, in a very exciting match.

On the other hand, Argentina qualified to meet Croatia, after the first victory over the Netherlands on penalties, as well as Croatia's victory over Brazil on penalties as well.

What is remarkable is that two teams from Group E, Morocco, and Croatia, qualified for this role unexpectedly and were not likely to reach this role, especially since they faced a number of solid teams whom most of the expectations indicated would reach the semi-finals, such as Belgium, Brazil, Spain, and Portugal.

  All previous encounters

In any case, it seems that the football history is full between Morocco and France, as they have previously met 11 times, including 5 official meetings, and the victory was the ally of France in most of the meetings.

In these meetings, France beat Morocco 7 times and tied 3 times, while Morocco won once.

  • The first meeting between the two teams took place on April 28, 1963, and Morocco won by two goals to one.
  • The second meeting took place on March 20, 1966, and the two teams tied with two goals each.
  • On September 10, 1967, the two teams met in the Mediterranean Games championship in Tunisia, and Morocco lost to France with two clean goals.
  • On September 4, 1975, they met in the Mediterranean Games Championship in Algeria, tied in the semi-finals, and France won on penalties (3-1).
  • On September 17, 1987, they met for the third time in the Mediterranean Games Championship in Latakia. The two teams tied without goals.
  • On February 5, 1988, they met in the French International Four Championships and France won by two goals to one.
  • On January 23, 1996, the two countries national teams met under age 21, and France won 1-0.
  • On May 29, 1998, Morocco lost to France in the King Hassan Cup, on penalties (6-5), after they tied with two goals for the same.
  • On January 20, 1999, France won a friendly match 1-0.
  • On June 6, 2000, Morocco lost 1-5.
  • On November 16, 2007, the two teams tied with two goals each.

When is France vs Morocco match in the 2022 World Cup?

Arriadia TNT

-Eutelsat 21.5°E-11569 H 9500-FTA

-Eutelsat 21.5°E-11617 V 27500  -FTA (Multistream)

Al Aoula ( Terrestre Marocaine )

-Eutelsat 21.5°E-11617 V 27500  -FTA (Multistream)

Al Aoula Inter  HD

-Eutelsat 21.5°E-11617 V 27500  -FTA (Multistream)

Al Aoula Laayoune HD

-Badr 26°E-11017 H 3330 -FTA


-Astra 19.2°E -11953 H 27500 -FTA


-Astra 19.2°E -11361 H 22000 -FTA(DVB-S2)

AFN Sports 1 HD

-Eutelsat 9°E -11804 V 27500 -PowerVU

-SES 5°E -3818 L 27500 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Galaxy 99°W -4180 V 27500 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 180°E -3753 R 30000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Koreasat 113°E -12590 V 30000 -PowerVU

AFN Sports 1

-NSS 57°E -4095 L 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 34.5°W -4126 L 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 45°W -4124 R 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

Match! TV

-Express 14°W -11646 V 14180 -FTA(T2MI Multistream Only!)

-Express 53°E -12575 H 14180 -FTA(T2MI Multistream Only!)

-Express 53°E -12638 H 14200 -TFTA(T2MI Multistream Only!)

-Express 103°E -3870 R 23180 -FTA(C-Band)

-Express 56°E -12168 R 27500 -FTA


-Turksat 42°E -11958 V 27500  -FTA/Biss

-Turksat 42°E -11096 H 30000 -FTA/Biss


Turksat 42°E -11054 V 30000-FTA/Biss

Turksat 42°E -11795 V 30000-FTA/Biss

-Eutelsat 7°E -11637 H 30000 -FTA (Possible Encryp.)


Turksat 42°E -10980 V12500 -FTA/Biss

1TV Georgia HD

-Eutelsat 36°E- 11212 H 14400 -FTA /Biss

1TV Georgia

-AzerSpace 46°E -11095 H 30000  -FTA/Biss


-Hellasat 39°E -12415 H 11570 -Biss


-Hellasat 39°E-12338 H 11570-Biss

TF-1 Suisse HD

-Eutelsat 33.1°E-12621 V 10058 -FTA


-Eutelsat 5°W-11509 H 29500 -FTA(Multistream)

-Eutelsat 5°W-11096 V 29950-(Emu )

-ASTRA  19.2°E-12168 V 29700 -(Emu )


-Eutelsat 5°W -11013 V 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

-Eutelsat 5°W -11016 H 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

-Eutelsat 5°W -11179 V 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

-Eutelsat 5°W -11637 V 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

-Eutelsat 5°W -11675 H 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

BBC one

-Astra 28.2°E -10773 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10788 V 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10803 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10818 V 22000 -FTA

-Intelsat 27.5°W -11495 V 44100 - Biss (DVB-S2)

BBC one HD

-Astra 28.2°E -10847 V 23000 -FTA (DVB-S2)

-Astra 28.2°E -11023 H 23000 -FTA (DVB-S2)

-Intelsat 27.5°W -11495 V 44100 - Biss (DVB-S2)

Varzish Sport HD

-NSS 57°E-11565 H 10750 -Biss

-Yahsat52.5°E-11785 H 27500-Biss


-Badr 26°E -12265 H 30000 -FTA/Biss

-Badr 26°E -11900 V 27500 -FTA/Biss

-Badr 26°E -11881 H 27500 -FTA/Biss(DVB-S2)

-Intelsat 62°E -11555 V 30000 -FTA/Biss

Ictimai  HD

-AzerSpace 46°E -11175 H H 30000 -FTA/Biss

Türkmenistan Sport HD

-TurkmenAlemSAT 52°E-12303 V 27500 -FTA

Persiana Sports

-Turkmensat 52°E-10804 V 27500 -FTA

Persiana Sports HD

-Turkmensat 52°E-10762 V 27500 -FTA

-Express-53° E -12594 V 27500 -FTA

Football HD

-Yahsat 52.5°E- 11785 H 27500 -Biss


-Turkmensat 52°E-10804 V 27500 -FTA


-Hellasat 39°E- 12593 H 9416 -FTA (Multistream )


-Hellasat 39°E- 12593 H 9416 -FTA (Multistream )

ATN (Ariana Television Network)

-Yahsat 52°E- 12015 H 27500 -FTA

-Eutelsat 3°E-3900 R 9388  -FTA (C-BAND)


-Intelsat 31.5°W-12339 V 8573-FTA

-Intelsat 31.5°W-12320 V 2060 -Biss


-Eutelsat 9°E -11900 H 27500 -FTA

-Eutelsat 8°W -3889 L 2982 -FTA(C-Band)

-Eutelsat 16°E -10804 H 30000 -FTA(Sub Sahara)

TVT International

-Eutelsat 9°E -11900 H 27500 -FTA (DVB-S2)

-Eutelsat 10°E-4039 R 2222 -FTA (C-Band)

NTA Sports 24

-Eutelsat 10°E- 3744 R 9075 -FTA(C-Band)

-Eutelsat 3°E- 3885 R 9775 -FTA(C-Band)

-Badr 26°E-11010 V 27500-FTA

-SES 5°E- 11977 V 27500 -FTA

Télé Sahel

-Eutelsat 9°E -12034 V 27500 -FTA

-Eutelsat 16°E -21612 H 27583 -FTA(Ka-Band)

-Galaxy 97°W -12053 V 22000 -FTA

-Badr 26°E -4102 L 20000 -FTA(C-Band)

-Badr 26°E -4088 L 3329-FTA(C-Band)

CRTV Sports & Entertainment

-Eutelsat 8°W -3901 L 4250 -FTA(C-Band)

-Eutelsat 16°E-10804 H 30000-FTA (Sub-Sahara)


-Eutelsat 10°East -3646 R 16128 -FTA

-Intelsat 72.1°East -3724 L 16073  -FTA

-Intelsat 72.1°East -3831 L 17430  -FTA

RTB Zenit

-Eutelsat 3.1°E -3729 L 16832 -FTA(C-Band)


-Eutelsat 8°W- 3847 R 18000 -FTA(C-Band)

-Eutelsat 36°E-12418 V 31420-FTA(multistrim)

-Intelsat 60°E -3772 R 5000 -FTA(C-Band)


-SES 22° W-  11610 V  30000-FTA (West Africa)

-Eutelsat 16°E-10804 H 30000 -FTA (DVB-S2)(Sub-Sahara)

MBC Malawi

-Astra 4.8°E-12621 V 3660- -FTA (Sub Saharan Africa)

-Astra 4.8°E-21580 H 3660-FTA (KA-Band)

GRTS Gambia

-Intelsat 24.5°W -4054 R 3797  -FTA(C-Band)


-Eutelsat 3°E-3900 R 9388  -FTA (C-BAND)

Teletica 7

-Intelsat 43.1°W-3828 V 3300 -PowerVU(C-Band)

Canal 7 TV Pública

-SES 40.5°W -4070 L 4440 -FTA(C-Band)

-Arsat 71°W-11670 V 30000 -FTA

Canal 7 TV Pública HD

-Arsat 71°W-11870 H 14089 -FTA

-Arsat 71°W-11670 V 30000 -FTA

RTVS Sport

-Belintersat 51.5°E-11290 H 45000 -FTA


-Eutelsat 70.5°E-11096 H 23623  -FTA(DVB-S2)


Eutelsat 9°E- 20185 L 25000 -FTA (KA-Band)

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