Twitter may soon be banned in Europe for this reason

Twitter may soon be banned in Europe for this reason

The dramatic narrative of Twitter over the past weeks does not seem to have an end. Now, the EU could kick Twitter out of Europe if Elon Musk and his company can't get things back to normal. But what are we talking about?

According to the Financial Times (FT), Twitter may be on the brink within the European Union. The reason for this is the closure of his office in Brussels due to a shortage of cadres due to the torrent of resignations that occurred a few days ago.

One of the obligations of this office is to maintain constant contact with the European Union and other governments in the region. its goal? Make Twitter comply with the requirements and laws of the European Union regarding data privacy and the protection of user content.

And according to the Financial Times, the major blow comes after the resignations of Julia Moser and Dario La NASA, following Elon Musk's ultimatum. Both were primarily responsible for Twitter's Europe policies and the enforcement of the Digital Services Act on the platform. Besides, they were the only two employees left in Brussels after Musk's wave of layoffs during his arrival.

Without them, Twitter could face fines of up to 6% of its global revenue. And if they don't fix the problem after the fine, Twitter will be blocked in Europe.

Likewise, Damien Kieran's departure from Twitter as global director of privacy was a blow to the platform in Europe. With his departure, Twitter no longer meets the basic requirements required by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). Punishment? As before, as long as there is no alternative, the platform is in danger of being expelled from Europe.

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