Quickly! You have to update Google Chrome on your device..it's dangerous

quickly! You have to update Google Chrome on your device..it's dangerous

2022 is not a year that Google can be proud of in terms of security. In addition to the typical bugs and security flaws that appear in all programs, this year Google Chrome users have encountered several critical flaws and security issues that have been exploited on the web. Thus, Google had to release several emergency updates to its browser in order to mitigate the impact of these zero-day bugs. Today, the eighth update of these important updates arrives.

A few hours ago, Google surprised users with a new emergency update for Google Chrome. This new patch focused specifically on fixing a new and dangerous zero-day bug that some hackers have begun to exploit.

The error in question is logged as CVE-2022-4135, a Buffer Overflow GPU-type error. This vulnerability was discovered by a Google analyst after analyzing some logs collected by the browser. As the company claims, this vulnerability was already known by various groups of hackers, and they were using it to take control of system memory and modify the operation of other processes running on the computer. They can also be used to execute remote code with permissions in the system memory.

Currently, for security reasons, Google has not disclosed more technical information about the vulnerability, although it will do so once most Google Chrome users have updated their browsers. The company guarantees that this vulnerability is also present in other similar projects (that is, other Chromium-based browsers), so you will be aware of its development before revealing information about this vulnerability.

How do you protect yourself from this vulnerability?

If we want to prevent our computer from being compromised, what we need to do is make sure that we have the latest available version installed, the one that patches this eighth critical vulnerability. Chrome usually updates automatically, so you don't have to worry about anything. But, if we want to be sure, we just have to open Chrome and go to the section: chrome://settings/help

The browser will automatically update from the above section, so you are completely safe.

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