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 The Saudi national team concludes the group stage with a fateful confrontation against its Mexican counterpart, for Group C of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

During his previous five participations, Al-Akhdar scored a balanced record in the third round, as he achieved two wins, a draw, and two losses.

Al-Akhdar bears a good memory in this round of his first participation in the 1994 World Cup in America 28 years ago, when he defeated Belgium with the goal of Saeed Al-Owairan, to qualify for the first and only time so far for the round of 16, in an exceptional achievement.

In his second participation in the 1998 World Cup in France, he ended his participation in a positive tie with two goals for the same against South Africa in the third round.

In his third participation in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, he suffered the most severe loss in the third round, when he fell 3-0 against Ireland.

In the 2006 World Cup in Germany, Al-Akhdar played the third round against Spain, the group leaders at the time, and lost 1-0.

And he returned to positive results in the third round with his fifth participation, when he beat Egypt with two goals to one, but that came after he lost the opportunity to compete, after losing the first two confrontations.

During the third round in their five participations, Al-Akhdar players scored 5 goals out of the 13 they scored in the World Cup, by nearly 40%.

Today, the Saudi national team needs to win, to qualify for the round of 16 for the second time in its history.

Watch the match Saudi Arabia vs Mexico on free TV channels

beIN Sports HD

-Badr26°E -11566 H 27500 -FTA(DVB-S2)

-Nile sat 7°W- 11054 H 27500 -FTA(DVB-S2)

Alkass One HD

-Badr 26°E -12245 V 27500 -FTA(DVB-S2)

-Nile sat 7°W-11919 H 27500 -FTA(DVB-S2)

-Badr 26°E -11678 H 27500 -FTA(DVB-S2)

AFN Sports 2HD

-Eutelsat 9°E -11804 V 27500 -PowerVU

-SES 5°E -3818 L 27500 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Galaxy 99°W -4180 V 27500 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 180°E -3753 R 30000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Koreasat 113°E -12590 V 30000 -PowerVU

AFN Sports 2

-NSS 57°E -4095 L 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 34.5°W -4126 L 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 45°W -4124 R 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)


-Turksat 42°E -11053 V 30000 -FTA

-Turksat 42°E -11795 V 30000 -FTA

-Eutelsat 7°E -10804 V 30000 -FTA

TRT Spor

-Turksat 42°E -11096 H 30000 -FTA

-Turksat 42°E -11958 V 27500 -FTA

-Eutelsat 7°E -10804 V 30000 -FTA


-Astra 28.2°E -10803 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10818 V 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10773 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10788 V 22000 -FTA


-Astra 28.2°E -10847 V 23000 -FTA (DVB-S2)

-Intelsat 27.5°W -11495 V 44100 - Biss (DVB-S2)

Rai Sport  +

-Eutelsat 5°W -11179 V 30000 -FTA(Multistream)

IRIB Varesh

-Badr 26°E -12265 H 30000 -FTA/Biss

-Badr 26°E -11881 H 27500 -FTA/Biss(DVB-S2)

-Intelsat 62°E -11555 V 30000 -FTA/Biss


-Hellasat 39°E- 12593 H 9416 -FTA (Multistream )


-Hellasat 39°E- 12593 H 9416 -FTA (Multistream )

Ictimai  HD

-AzerSpace 46°E -11175 H H 30000 -FTA/Biss

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