free channels broadcasting the Spain-Costa Rica match in world cup 2022

free channels broadcasting the Spain-Costa Rica match in world cup 2022

Twelve years after breaking all barriers at the World Cup and embracing the title at South Africa 2010, the star that Spain carries on its chest is no longer a heavyweight.

With the courage of the small pearls, led by Pedri, who plays with the elite with a veteran spirit, the "La Roja" team, led by coach Luis Enrique, will appear tomorrow, Wednesday, against Costa Rica at the start of their campaign in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Apart from the earthquake that accompanied Spain’s appearance in the World Cup in Russia 2018, when the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales decided to dispense with coach Julen Lopetegui, because of the announcement of his agreement to join Real Madrid, nothing distracted the team’s attention before its first match in the World Cup 2022.

El Matador is not even affected by the doubt that hangs over Luis Enrique regarding his future with the national team, especially after he chose to focus on the present in light of a major challenge on Qatar soil.

youth bet

Luis Enrique is betting on a young team, the third youngest team in Qatar 2022 with an average age of 25.3 years, keeping only four players from the last World Cup and one representative of those who made history in Johannesburg, captain Sergio Busquets, who will equal the number of Sergio Ramos and Andres Iniesta in The number of World Cup copies he played, four each.

Busquets, the captain in the locker room, is the voice of experience for such young players, but he steps aside in the face of the great effort of the coach, whose personality helped relieve the pressure of the group.

La Roja is living the utmost calm before the premiere against Costa Rica, with some pain due to the absence of Jose Luis Gaya a few days ago due to a sprained ankle, which led to Alejandro Balde being called in to replace him.

With the exception of the 2010 achievement, the World Cup finals represent a number of disappointments more than satisfaction for Spain, including the resounding fall in Brazil in 2014, without being able to pass the group stage, and the helpless fall in the round of 16 in Russia 2018.

"I am the leader"

The Doha World Cup represents a new beginning on the world stage for Spain, after the good feelings that were rooted in Euro 2020, a competition that made Pedri a model because of his style of play.

And the doubts that must be removed about the Spanish national team in the World Cup will lie in its attack, after it regained its only open striker in the tournament, Alvaro Morata, in a timely manner, but a wide range of possibilities emerge for his two attacking companions.

Luis Enrique confirmed Tuesday, on the eve of the Costa Rica match, that his team's ambitions have no limits, and stressed that he is the "leader" among his players and that it should be the same for any coach at the head of his team.

"The captain of any team should be the coach because you are the one who makes the decisions. Even if this is your first experience, you are the captain," Enrique said during a press conference in Doha.

"Of course, I am the leader. I have to decide who comes, who plays, and what time we train. It makes sense. A coach is a leader who has to give strength to his players and give them solutions when they play."

And he added, "I feel fine and happy for my first participation as a coach in the World Cup. I was fortunate to enjoy it as a player. I am very calm and I want to enjoy the joy."

new stage

On the other hand, Costa Rica will be the competitor that started a new stage with the arrival of the expert Colombian coach Luis Fernando Suarez, with whom he will launch his sixth participation in the history of the World Cup, amid great hopes after reaching the quarter-finals in Brazil 2014 and passing the group stage again, an achievement he did during his participation The first in the World Cup when he reached the round of 16 in Italy 1990.

Suarez stressed that his team must play "at full capacity for 90 minutes" against Spain in the World Cup in Qatar.

He said in a press conference on the eve of the match, "It is logical to say that it will be a very complicated match. We have to be alert at every moment to our plan, through which we seek to complicate matters for the opponent."

He added, "Then we have to take advantage of our strengths. We have to play for 90 minutes with maximum energy. We have many players who want to play in this World Cup, which we started preparing for a long time ago. We have been in the state of the World Cup for months."

On Wednesday, Spain and Costa Rica will play the first round of Group E of the World Cup, which also includes Germany and Japan.

Possible formations:

Spain: Unai Simon, Azpilicueta, Laporte, Pau Torres, Jordi Alba, Busquets, Gavi, Pedri, Marco Asensio, Morata and Ansu Fati.

Costa Rica: Keylor Navas, Carlos Martinez, Francisco Calvo, Duarte, Brian Oviedo, Celso Borges, Tejeda, Bennett, Gerson Torres, Joel Campbell, Anthony Contreras.

free channels broadcasting the Spain-Costa Rica match

Das Erste

-Astra 19.2°E -11836 H 27500 -FTA

Das Erste HD

-Astra 19.2°E -11494 H 22000 -FTA(DVB-S2)

AFN Sports 1 HD

-Eutelsat 9°E -11804 V 27500 -PowerVU

-SES 5°E -3818 L 27500 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Galaxy 99°W -4180 V 27500 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 180°E -3753 R 30000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Koreasat 113°E -12590 V 30000 -PowerVU

AFN Sports 1

-NSS 57°E -4095 L 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 34.5°W -4126 L 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

-Intelsat 45°W -4124 R 11000 -PowerVU(C-Band)

Match! TV

-Express 14°W -11646 V 14180 -FTA(T2MI Multistream Only!)

-Express 53°E -12575 H 14180 -FTA(T2MI Multistream Only!)

-Express 53°E -12638 H 14200 -TFTA(T2MI Multistream Only!)

-Express 103°E -3870 R 23180 -FTA(C-Band)

-Express 56°E -12168 R 27500 -FTA


-Turksat 42°E -11958 V 27500  -FTA/Biss

-Turksat 42°E -11096 H 30000 -FTA/Biss


Turksat 42°E -11054 V 30000-FTA/Biss

Turksat 42°E -11795 V 30000-FTA/Biss

-Eutelsat 7°E -11637 H 30000 -FTA (Possible Encryp.)


Turksat 42°E -10980 V12500 -FTA/Biss

1TV Georgia HD

-Eutelsat 36°E- 11212 H 14400 -FTA /Biss

1TV Georgia

-AzerSpace 46°E -11095 H 30000  -FTA/Biss

Varzish Sport HD

-NSS 57°E-11565 H 10750 -Biss

-Yahsat52.5°E-11785 H 27500-Biss


-Astra 28.2°E -10832 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10936 V 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10994 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -11053 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -11068 V 23000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -11097 V 23000 -FTA

-Intelsat 27.5°W -11495 V 44100 -Biss


-Astra 28.2°E -10758 V 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10832 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10891 H 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10906 V 22000 -FTA

-Astra 28.2°E -10994 H 22000 -FTA

Rai 3 HD

-Eutelsat 5°W -11013 V 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

-Eutelsat 5°W -11016 H 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

-Eutelsat 5°W -11179 V 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

-Eutelsat 5°W -11637 V 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)

-Eutelsat 5°W -11675 H 35300 -FTA(Multistream ONLY!)


-Badr 26°E -12265 H 30000 -FTA/Biss

-Badr 26°E -11900 V 27500 -FTA/Biss

-Badr 26°E -11881 H 27500 -FTA/Biss(DVB-S2)

-Intelsat 62°E -11555 V 30000 -FTA/Biss

Ictimai HD

-AzerSpace 46°E -11175 H H 30000 -FTA/Biss

Persiana Sports

-Turkmensat 52°E-10804 V 27500 -FTA

Persiana Sports HD

-Turkmensat 52°E-10762 V 27500 -FTA

-Express-53° E -12594 V 27500 -FTA

Football HD

-Yahsat 52.5°E- 11785 H 27500 -Biss


-Turkmensat 52°E-10804 V 27500 -FTA


-Hellasat 39°E- 12593 H 9416 -FTA (Multistream )


-Hellasat 39°E- 12593 H 9416 -FTA (Multistream )

ATN (Ariana Television Network)

-Yahsat 52°E- 12015 H 27500 -FTA

-Eutelsat 3°E-3900 R 9388  -FTA (C-BAND)


-Intelsat 31.5°W-12339 V 8573-FTA

-Intelsat 31.5°W-12320 V 2060 -Biss


-Eutelsat 9°E -11900 H 27500 -FTA

-Eutelsat 8°W -3889 L 2982 -FTA(C-Band)

-Eutelsat 16°E -10804 H 30000 -FTA(Sub Sahara)

NTA Sports 24

-Eutelsat 10°E- 3744 R 9075 -FTA(C-Band)

-Eutelsat 3°E- 3885 R 9775 -FTA(C-Band)

-Badr 26°E-11010 V 27500-FTA

-SES 5°E- 11977 V 27500 -FTA

Télé Sahel

-Eutelsat 9°E -12034 V 27500 -FTA

-Eutelsat 16°E -21612 H 27583 -FTA(Ka-Band)

-Galaxy 97°W -12053 V 22000 -FTA

-Badr 26°E -4102 L 20000 -FTA(C-Band)

-Badr 26°E -4088 L 3329-FTA(C-Band)

CRTV Sports & Entertainment

-Eutelsat 8°W -3901 L 4250 -FTA(C-Band)

-Eutelsat 16°E-10804 H 30000-FTA (Sub-Sahara)


-Eutelsat 10°East -3646 R 16128 -FTA

-Intelsat 72.1°East -3724 L 16073  -FTA

-Intelsat 72.1°East -3831 L 17430  -FTA

RTB Zenit

-Eutelsat 3.1°E -3729 L 16832 -FTA(C-Band)


-Eutelsat 8°W- 3847 R 18000 -FTA(C-Band)

-Eutelsat 36°E-12418 V 31420-FTA(multistrim)

-Intelsat 60°E -3772 R 5000 -FTA(C-Band)


-SES 22° W-  11610 V  30000-FTA (West Africa)

-Eutelsat 16°E-10804 H 30000 -FTA (DVB-S2)(Sub-Sahara)

MBC Malawi

-Astra 4.8°E-12621 V 3660- -FTA (Sub Saharan Africa)

-Astra 4.8°E-21580 H 3660-FTA (KA-Band)

GRTS Gambia

-Intelsat 24.5°W -4054 R 3797  -FTA(C-Band)


-Eutelsat 3°E-3900 R 9388  -FTA (C-BAND)

Teletica 7

-Intelsat 43.1°W-3828 V 3300 -PowerVU(C-Band)

Canal 7 TV Pública

-SES 40.5°W -4070 L 4440 -FTA(C-Band)

-Arsat 71°W-11670 V 30000 -FTA

Canal 7 TV Pública HD

-Arsat 71°W-11870 H 14089 -FTA

-Arsat 71°W-11670 V 30000 -FTA

RTVS Sport

-Belintersat 51.5°E-11290 H 45000 -FTA


-Eutelsat 70.5°E-11096 H 23623  -FTA(DVB-S2)


Eutelsat 9°E- 20185 L 25000 -FTA (KA-Band)

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