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3 Mistakes when charging your phone that you do not do

3 Mistakes when charging your phone that you do not do

We are sure that you as a phone user have many wrong habits when charging your phone that you may not know are harmful to your device and are not highly recommended, here are 3 wrong habits when charging your phone that you should not do.

will tell you 3 wrong habits when charging your phone that is not recommended in order to preserve the device and its battery, as changing these habits can improve charging, and make your battery last longer in order to prevent problems in the future.

It is no secret that the battery is one of the most important components of phones, so you should take good care of it to enjoy a unique experience with your mobile phone without problems.

3 wrong habits when charging your phone that you do not do

It is normal that you own a phone, it is very normal that you recharge it every day, that it has a cover, and that you use the charger that comes in the box, all this is very normal for more than 90% of users, but the truth is that it is within 3 wrong habits that can harm your health Battery, we'll tell you what we mean by 3 wrong habits when charging your phone that you don't do, and why? And how do you avoid it?

1- Avoid charging your mobile phone with the case on

Charging the phone with the case is one of the most common habits among all users which is highly not recommended. This action can cause two problems: battery overheating and conductor breakage.

Yes, poor quality conditions can cause the charging connector to break, how is that? Having a bad hole in the cable and making it not quite fit, it is easy to see very thick and very cheap coverings that do not allow good contact of the cable, something that day after day can cause the connector to break.

Covers are also an issue with battery heating, depending on the case on your phone, which can get very hot when charging, this is a problem with charging speed as well as battery life, so it is highly recommended to remove the case to charge the device.

2- If it is too strong, do not use the official charger daily

The second thing on the list of 3 habits when charging your phone that you don't do, is not using the official charger every day all the time.

You probably bought a phone recently and the manufacturer struggles to support fast charging, it's a neat feature from time to time but something that can be very annoying for everyday use.

If your mobile phone has a charger of 40W or more, we do not recommend using it for all the times you need it, it is a habit that can degrade the battery significantly in the first year of life, but what to do about it? You can get a secondary and slow charger to recharge overnight.

Only when you really need the fast charging, you can pull out the fast charger and get several hours of use in just a few minutes, it may seem counterintuitive to you but using a super fast charger every day is something that will affect your phone and its battery, it is already among 3 wrong habits when you Charging your phone you don't have to do it!

3- A battery drain of less than 5% is very bad

Another common habit among phone users is to drain the battery almost completely before charging it, this act is the worst on the list of 3 wrong habits when charging your phone Don't do it!

Because your phone battery has stress levels that increase dramatically when the cell drops below 10-15%.

If you repeat the maximum discharge every day, the cell degradation will be much higher than normal, the most recommended is that you charge your phone when the battery is at 15-20% and not less, nothing happens if you do this on a specific day in an emergency, but the repetition Every day is very bad for the battery will inevitably affect your phone.

If you want to take care of your phone battery as much as possible, it is recommended that you do not do these wrong habits on a daily basis, although you will not notice it on the first day after a few months you will find bigger problems due to the terrible deterioration of the battery.


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