The best sites and apps to watch movies and series like Netflix for free

The best sites and apps to watch movies and series like Netflix for free

It is not necessary to double subscriptions to services such as Netflix, Disney +, or Amazon Prime Video to watch movies and series while streaming. The web is full of solutions to access streaming video content provided free and legal.

Below we offer you 3 free services to watch movies and series while streaming legally and save some of them to your favorites.


The Molotov service is an excellent solution for watching movies and series for free. The service is accessible from a web browser and also has a dedicated app available on all platforms. You can enjoy it on a computer as well as on a smartphone or connected TV.

Contrary to what many might think, Molotov is not limited to broadcasting TV channels only. The platform also provides access to various on-demand content, notably through the dedicated Mango service. You will be able to discover movies, series, and programs for children, as well as documentaries. In addition, Molotov provides access to replays of some channels, some of which are free. This is the case, for example, for the channels of the France Télévisions group.


PlutoTV offers you to watch many live contents for free, especially without registration. You can watch from a web browser, smartphone, or connected TV, movies, series, news programs, documentaries, animations, music videos, sports programs, and other entertainment of all kinds.

But in addition to the programs that can be watched live, PlutoTV also offers on-demand content. The platform thus offers a fairly good catalog of French and international films and series, all genres combined. You will find, among others, British BBC series (including Doctor Who), crime series, action films, science fiction, thrillers, animated films, and much more.


This American platform, allows you to stream many Japanese anime series and movies for free. The service, which can be accessed directly from your web browser, is also available as a mobile application on iOS and Android.

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