NEW YouTube Update You Need To Know

NEW YouTube Update You Need To Know

 YouTube started with a major user interface redesign recently and is now preparing to launch a new YouTube update that brings the feature of splitting video content into different tabs on all channel pages. Reports confirmed that live and short videos on YouTube will no longer appear in the videos tab on channel pages. Short videos and live-streaming videos will have their own tabs making the “Video” tab easier to navigate and play.

YouTube update brings separate tabs feature

The YouTube Shorts video format is popping up everywhere these days on the YouTube platform. But there are a lot of people who don't want to see these videos, so YouTube decided to give short videos and live videos their tabs. Note that everything was shown inside the "Videos" tab.

This change will allow users to easily watch their favorite videos without having to watch short, uninteresting videos or live videos.

YouTube noted that this change “will make it easier for viewers to discover the types of content they are most interested in when exploring a creator’s channel page. “

A New YouTube talk will be available to everyone soon

Also, people who love to watch short videos or live streams will be able to go to the dedicated tabs and consume all the content in one place. And when the user watches the short videos in the “Short Videos” tab and goes back to the channel page, he will be redirected to the “Short Videos” tab to allow him to watch more “Short Videos” content.

It is worth mentioning that this feature will give the content creators to get more views on the short videos, as the viewers will not get lost in watching the long content of the creator. People will also see “Recently Uploaded” and “Popular” filters to display relevant content on the channel page.

YouTube also reports that a new update will start rolling out today. It will be visible on more devices in the coming weeks and will be available across all devices.

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