Top 50 most expensive keywords of the AdSense in 2022

Top 50 most expensive keywords of the AdSense in 2022

The question on everyone's mind in the field of freelancing or Internet profit, especially if they are AdSense publishers, is what is the most expensive keyword in Google AdSense or the most expensive AdSense keyword?

Everyone is looking for them in order to improve their click rate and profits in Google AdSense, so this article will help them.

Before we begin, we will learn about the 50 most valuable keywords in Google AdSense. Then read Earnings from Google AdSense for Beginners.

What keywords do we extract from Google AdSense?

Keywords are the words or phrases that you and others search for in Google or any other search engine, for example, If you want a software to download files, you will undoubtedly look for Internet Download Manager, so the words are filtered based on the highest price for the work and the increase in Google AdSense profits.

The 50 most expensive Google AdSense keywords

  1. Business Services 
  2. Bail bonds
  3. Casino
  4. Lawyer 
  5. (Gas / Electric)
  6. Asset Management 
  7. Insurance 
  8. Cash Services and Payday Loans 
  9. Cleaning and restoration services 
  10. Score 
  11. (Mortgage) 
  12. (Attorney)
  13. Medical Coding Services
  14. Rehab 
  15. (Claim)
  16. (Credits)
  17. Psychic 
  18. Timeshare 
  19. (Group call)
  20. (Refund) 
  21. HVAC 
  22. Business software
  23. Medical needs
  24. Loans 
  25. Plumber
  26. The White Termite
  27. Pest control
  28. (Treatment)
  29. Mortgages
  30. (Credit) 
  31. (Software) 
  32. (Lessons) 
  33. (Trade)
  34. Online gambling
  35. (Hosting)
  36. Banks
  37. Hair transplantation
  38. Google AdWords
  39. Cloud technology company
  40. (Cord blood) 
  41. IT Training 
  42. Visual Technologies 
  43. Technology Insurance
  44. Course in Information Technology
  45. IT Security
  46. Technological score 
  47. Virtual Technology 
  48. Information Technology Management
  49. Master in Information Technology Management 
  50. Score 

What makes these keywords so expensive in Google AdSense?

Google Ads or AdWords raises the click price on these keywords for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are:

Looking for an immediate solution to a problem: If the researcher has a large problem that requires an urgent and immediate solution and is willing to pay large sums to solve it, the advertiser can run advertising campaigns and charge higher fees for those words or services, and he will undoubtedly make a good return by investing in these services.

How to find the most expensive keywords in Google AdSense

To search for the most expensive keywords in Google AdSense, you must use some tools, both paid and free. You should also avoid single and small words due to the difficulty of competition for them, and begin searching for Longtail professional words, which consist of three or more words and are commonly used by Google search engine researchers. The most important tools used to search for the most valuable keywords are:

Keyword Planner "It's a Free Service"

  • SEMrush "This service is paid, but it offers a free seven-day trial."
  • kwfinder We recommend using kwfinder because it is free for the first 10 days and you do not need to link a payment method or a bank card. Go to the site through this link and create a free account using only email. After activating the account, go to the site's homepage and type the keyword in the exact location, then choose the target country, then choose the language, then press search for keywords.
  • The site will display information such as the number of monthly searches for the keyword, the average CPC, and how easy or difficult it is to compete for that keyword.
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