Check Your Website Before Applying For AdSense - Easy Ways

Check Your Website Before Applying For AdSense - Easy Ways

Applying for Google AdSense is one of the most difficult and crucial steps in making money from websites and channels.

Profits will begin once the Blogger's blog or YouTube channel is approved. However, if the blog is rejected, it will be sent back for another review, so make sure it is ready for submission.

So that it is not sent for review again and has to wait a long time.

This step is completed by checking your blog before submitting it to Google AdSense and ensuring that it is error-free using some of the tools discussed in our topic today.

Important tools to check Blogger blog before submitting to Google AdSense.

1- website grader

It is an important tool for testing the speed of the blog to ensure that it is error-free and to ensure the level of interest in SEO as well as the speed of opening the blog on a phone and computer.

2- virustotal

It is the ideal tool for checking the blog and ensuring that it is free of links that violate Google AdSense policies as well as dangerous viruses.

3- the site transparency test

The tool is designed to test the bot's text file and ensure that it allows Google or third parties, such as Google AdSense and Analytics, to enter the blog.

4- website robots-txt

Make a robots.txt file for your website.

5- mobile compatibility test

As we all know, Google is very interested in the blog's compatibility with all devices, including phones, tablets, and smart devices, so we must use this tool to test compatibility with phones.

6- Article Verification Tool

The tool that detects copied or duplicated articles is an essential tool for all bloggers and website owners. It must check all articles before submitting them to Google AdSense so that the site is not rejected due to reused content.

7- Detecting 404 errors on the site

This site examines all of your website's pages to identify any errors in your articles.

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