Avoid these three mistakes when E-marketing

Avoid these three mistakes when E-marketing

There are several methods of e-marketing, such as sending an e-mail to targeted and non-targeted customers, sending an advertisement via WhatsApp messages to millions of people, or using various social networking sites "Facebook, and Instagram," emphasizing that social networking advertisements are safe. A sponsored advertisement with an image, video, or text content containing the product specifications.

He mentioned that there are numerous marketing mechanisms available, such as marketing through large pages on "Facebook" or agreeing with "Blogger" to make a "review" in exchange for a certain commission.

He emphasized that strong e-marketing appears on Google AdSense, pointing out that some people create ads but fail.

3 things to consider in advertising

That there are three important factors to consider when creating an advertisement, namely the quality of the advertisement and the presentation that I provide. When I advertise something, I must include a specific discount or something that attracts people, because if the customer does not find something that draws him to the advertisement, he will not respond, and the matter may escalate to insulting or banning the advertisement.

In addition to targeting, who will the advertisement reach? It is not possible to create an advertisement for "shaving paste" that reaches women and choose the appropriate platform for the content of the advertisement, and the advertisement itself should not be taken from something else, or the image is against the relevant policies because you will face restrictions.

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