Do not buy this phone from the iPhone company

Do not buy this phone from the iPhone company

If you have this iPhone, you will have no choice but to switch to another one because Apple no longer repairs it for you.

Every time a new iPhone is released to the market, many new features are included, but there are also other devices that stop receiving updates while other devices become obsolete relative to Apple's.

And with the release of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, phones like the iPhone 6 have stopped updating to the new operating system, while others are already outdated for Apple and that could be a problem if you keep using them.

This has happened specifically with the iPhone 5c, which in just a few days will become obsolete for Apple, and we're not just talking about the name, but also the parts, that once it's done no one can fix your device anymore if it breaks.

In this case, you can choose to buy a newer iPhone like the iPhone 14 Pro Max, although you can at least keep going into the Apple Store to update apps that allow this.

In this way, the iPhone 5c is already an old model and is now an old product, not receiving repairs or services, but as of November 1. Of course, services such as the Apple Store can still be used.

This way, if you have an iPhone 5c, it's time to upgrade to a new Apple phone, not necessarily a recently released device, but any other phone that still has security updates.

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