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How to create an account in google shopping ads for free in 2023

How to create an account in google shopping ads for free in 2023

The Google Ads services Keyword Tool is one of the best free tools for getting keyword ideas and monthly search volume for each keyword, which helps every blogging beginner get started without the need for paid tools.

However, many people have encountered the problem of registration, where they find themselves on a page entering credit card information, which is normal.

This program was designed to create advertising campaigns rather than free SEO. Follow the steps below to register for Google advertising costs without entering credit card information.

How to sign up for  google ads promo code without a credit card

To register for the Google Ads program, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Google Ads website and click on Get Started; in this tutorial, I will use English. You can change the language by clicking the button below.

2. It will redirect you to a new page; switch to expert mode.

3. On the following page, select (Create account without campaign) or create an account without an advertising campaign.

4. On the following page, click Submit. You can also modify the country or currency settings, but this is not required at first.

5. We have created an account in Google Ads without entering any banking information up to this point. On the subsequent page, click Explore your account to return to your account's home page.

Using the Google Ads Keyword Tool

Following the completion of the registration process, we will now discover the Google Adwords Keyword Tool by performing the following steps:

  • When you get to your account's main panel, click on Tools & settings at the top, then on Keywords planner in the drop-down menu.
  • On the following page, select Discover New Keywords.
  • You should concentrate more on the following step. The arrow in the image below indicates the location where you can enter the word or keywords. You will find language and country settings, which will have default values based on your device's language and country.

Change the language to match the keyword, then click Get results. For the country, click on it, then delete it, so that it appears in all countries around the world.

  • In the end, we get the result we are looking for, which is the keywords related to the word we entered. It is critical to note that we only need the first and second columns of the table results, namely the keywords and the monthly search volume. In terms of the remaining data, we are only interested in that which is related to paid advertising campaigns.
  • Click on the top Avg monthly searches to get the most searched keywords, then sort the results by monthly search volume from most to least searched.
  • By clicking on the download icon at the top right of the page, you can download the file in CSV.

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