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This is what you should do before the buy a domain name

This is what you should do before the buy a domain name

This is what you should do before buying a new domain

Many newcomers to the world of blogging immediately begin creating a blog after watching a video or two on YouTube without any scrutiny or in-depth, and one of the most common mistakes that bloggers make is purchasing a domain name without first checking for problems associated with it.

I came across some questions in the Blogger forum from people who purchased domain names only to discover after installing them that they were banned by Google or AdSense, and some discovered that their spam score is high.

In this article, we will look at the most important factors to consider before purchasing a new domain name.

Make sure the domain is not blocked by Google

  • It's possible that the domain you want to buy has previously been used on sites that violate Google's policies and have been banned, and the problem is that once a domain is banned from Google, it's gone forever and unreviewable.

There is no Google tool dedicated to ensuring that the domain is banned, but we can do so using the method described below.

  • Add the domain name to Blogger Settings > Publishing Settings > Private Domain, then save.
  • If the domain is not banned, a window with your blog's DNS values will appear; if it is banned, a message will appear informing you that this address is banned by Google.

Make sure your domain is not banned by AdSense

The domain you intend to purchase may be banned by Google AdSense for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is a lack of respect by some bloggers and website owners for Google AdSense policies, such as:

  1. Unauthorized visits and clicks
  2. Content that is in violation of AdSense policies.
  3. Placing advertisements in inconvenient locations in order to entice visitors to click by accident.

To see if the domain has been banned by Google AdSense, go to the AdSensechecker website, enter the domain name in the space provided, and then click check; the result will be displayed below.

Check the spam score

Spam Score is a Moz parameter that was developed in 2015 and is an indicator of the quality of the links that refer to your site; therefore, if you want to buy a new domain, you must first check this parameter.

To be sure, go to the DA PA Checker website, enter the domain name in the space provided, and then click on check authority.

The site will provide you with important domain name information such as domain authority, page authority, and, most importantly, the spam score.

And, to determine whether the result you obtained is acceptable, the same site below provides an explanation in the form of a table about spam score classification. When the percentage of spam is less than 7, it is considered acceptable or does not significantly harm your site.

General tips before buying a domain name

  • When purchasing a domain name, price is an important consideration, but you should be aware of some hidden costs that domain companies do not disclose in order to entice you to purchase. Many of these companies offer domains at attractive prices for the first year, but you will be surprised when renewing with long hair, which may cause some people not to renew.
  • Avoid free domains such as freenom domains; these are usually used as temporary landing pages for CPA or affiliate offers and are not popular with search engines; additionally, you do not own the domain completely; it has happened to some people that the company transferred domain ownership to another customer without notifying the first owner.
  • Try to buy a domain with a com or net extension as much as possible and avoid domains with new extensions such as xyz or online, despite their low price, because these extensions give the visitor or customer a sense of mistrust, and com extensions are easier to write and save than the other extensions.
  • Try to keep the domain name short, consisting of one word, and free of hyphenation marks such as (-), as it is preferable if it contains a keyword related to the blog's niche; this improves the appearance of the blog in search results and gives the visitor more confidence.
  • If you want to search for expired domains from expireddomains, sort the results by ACR rather than BL, because a large number of backlinks does not necessarily indicate that the domain is good; those links could be spam.


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