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How to make money with Snapchat Spotlight 2022

How to make money with Snapchat Spotlight 2022

In this article, we're going to talk about how do you make money with Snapchat and Snapchat Spotlight, which is very similar to what we see on TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts, but you can make a ton of money from Snapchat Spotlight. 

Snapchat released this feature about a year and a half ago, and people were making a lot of money. But now you can still make hundreds and thousands of dollars on Snapchat Spotlight. It's fairly easy. 

The videos on Snapchat are very simple. And here I'm on my Snapchat. You'll see the Play icon at the bottom. This tells you you're in the spotlight. And if you consume this, number one, you'll notice that it's very similar to yes, you guessed it, TikTok.

And the videos are very short and very easy to do. And also you get paid. When Snapchat first launched, they were giving out $1 million every single day. Now, it's not a million dollars every single day, but they say millions per month. 

From my experience, I know a lot of people who are making tons of money from Snapchat Spotlight. And I have also recently made some money, which I'll show you in a second. But this is what you're going to do. 

Open Snapchat, go to Spotlight and then consume some of this content. And then when you want to create something, start creating your videos using the Snapchat camera. And then before you post, you'll see that your video needs to be at least 6 seconds. 

So this wasn't 6 seconds. It needs to be I should have read that message anyways. Let's see. Still not let's that one more time. Yeah, look at this. It needs to be 6 seconds and then you can send it to a poster to the spotlight. 

Snapchat Spotlight. And then depending on how your video does, based on the views, you will get paid. And once you get paid, you'll notice here's how you can check that you're making money. So you're going to click on your face and then scroll all the way down. 

Here are different Snapchat that I am creating, and spotlights that I'm creating. And then you're going to see crystals. So this is how when you start getting crystals, this is how you know you're getting paid from Snapchat Spotlight. 

So if I log in there, you'll see I have some crystals. And here's the money that I have made. And I haven't cashed this out yet. I didn't mean to take a picture. Let's delete the screenshot. But this is how, for example, in this case, I have 9277 crystals, which means I have $927 that I can cash out. 

So you can cash out whenever you want. Some people do it every month, every week. It's just up to you. I have to do this on my account. But this is how you can make thousands and thousands of dollars on Snapchat by creating Spotlight. 

Another thing I'll mention, if you look at this icon on the top, you can see what's trending in the Snapchat spotlight. So you can see the music that's trending. And also different hashtags. Here's a hashtag that's trending. 

So there's a lot of good information here as far as what's trending on this platform. So you can use some of these trends' music to get paid. Another thing is, on the top, you'll see different challenges. 

So in addition to making money from the Spotlight videos, you can also participate in some of these challenges and make money. So a lot of opportunities to make money if you are a content creator on Snapchat


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