Permanently close the Facebook Gaming app soon

Permanently close the Facebook Gaming app soon

Facebook has announced that it will shut down its gaming app. Yes, Facebook Gaming is about to end.

While you can still enjoy live streams and games on Facebook, gaming apps for mobile devices will no longer be available.

Yes, Facebook Gaming will no longer be available two years after its launch. As of October 28, the games app for mobile devices will not work, but games and broadcasts will become part of a division of Facebook.

While the app is still available for download from Google Play and the App Store, users have less than two months to enjoy its features, play games, and catch up on streaming. When the date set by Facebook is met, the application will not be available for that moment.

But if you love games that Facebook Gaming or game streaming has integrated, you still have a chance to continue enjoying that dynamic. Users will continue to access all the functionality we know about Gaming in the Games section of the main Facebook app.

So, even though they won't have a dedicated app, games will continue to be part of one of the attractions that Facebook plans to continue to offer. If you have any in-app data that you want to keep, you must download it before permanently closing the Facebook Gaming app, as all content will be lost after the deadline.

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