Facebook outrage after losing the 'Edit Posts' button

Facebook outrage after losing 'Edit Posts' button
Facebook outrage after losing the 'Edit Posts' button

Many Facebook users were outraged after they were surprised that the "edit button" for posts on the platform had disappeared for no apparent reason.

As usual, users took to Twitter to share screenshots to express their displeasure and confusion over what is happening.

And an account called "Sherry Lowry" asked in a tweet, "Why is the edit button no longer there?... I can no longer edit posts or add more photos to them. Why should we start a new post?

Another account called "Jeff Pedro" also shared a screenshot of the "missing" feature and said, "Did I miss something? My Facebook edit button is gone."

Meanwhile, a number of other users claimed that the platform "intentionally" disabled the feature, the first time the social network had taken such a step by removing a vital feature without notifying it in advance.

According to specialized reports, “Facebook” appears to be facing an unhappy week, as a number of users revealed, on Wednesday, a loophole in the application that many exploited for free promotion and marketing.

Users of the application stated that the loophole allows anyone to post on celebrity pages without restrictions or obstacles, making their pages a free bulletin board as some have described.

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