Download WhatsApp Gold 2022 v19 version for free

Download WhatsApp Gold 2022 v19 version for free

WhatsApp Gold is an instant messaging application and it is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by Abu Arab. And we will discuss the topic what are the features of this application and how to download it. Follow us and tell us how to find out about it, and the WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab application is one of the most important messaging and chat applications on the social networking platform, and the Yemeni developer Abu Arab also made a copy of WhatsApp Because it has many features and advantages that are not found in any other application, not even the original application, and no home is without the WhatsApp application; Download the WhatsApp Gold application because of its important things that relieve all people in their lives, whether through chats or through voice calls or video calls. The golden WhatsApp application, after the tremendous progress in technology, has become very easy to create a personal account on the WhatsApp apk, all you need is a phone number.

WhatsApp Gold Apk

Golden WhatsApp. Also, this version is similar to any other version of WhatsApp applications, especially the green version of WhatsApp, but the difference is that this version contains a very large number of features and characteristics that are not available on other applications. Through the additional features, the user enjoys greater privacy while using the application. as that; WhatsApp Gold The experience of use is different from some other traditional applications, as well as the application with all these advantages is available to users for free and is completely free of any kind of ads, but since WhatsApp Gold is unofficial, the user may face some problems in the stability of the application, and the application It is also available in three versions, all of this you will learn about in the following lines.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2022

About the WhatsApp Gold application: In this topic, we will show you, dear visitor, how to download Gold and all the features of the WhatsApp Gold application, and we will also explain to you how to move from the regular WhatsApp to this modified version, this is of course if you want to try it.

WhatsApp gold application or WhatsApp gold application. It is among the applications for instant messaging, through which you can send and receive photos and videos, write text messages, and share media with friends, stickers, emojis, and gif images. By purchasing and occupying this application because of its great fame, and in order to launch the use and operation of this application, you must have a mobile device, and there is a sim card inside, and then you download the application and install it on your phone and use it with ease.

A brief overview of the golden WhatsApp application against ban and hacker

Golden cell phone. You can also run this application on your computer because the WhatsApp application supports operating platforms on Android devices, Mac devices, Windows devices, and iPhone devices. After clicking on the download link below our article, launch it by adding your phone number After that, add the user name you want. After running the application, it will be linked to the device on which you downloaded this application. Downloading WhatsApp Gold is one of the most important and easiest chat applications around the world, and its use is very easy and simple, as it is specific to the field of sending and receiving messages. Text and free calls, whether it is voice calls or video calls, and it supports a wide range of devices, and after Facebook company in 2014 occupied and purchased this application, the number of its users increased to more than one billion users in 2017, all at the level of 180 countries only All this is in addition to the wonderful features that this application enjoys, which we will mention in the article.

Features of downloading WhatsApp Gold 2020 WhatsApp Gold

The most prominent feature of this version is privacy, as it allows the user to hide many things from friends, such as hiding appearing on WhatsApp, hiding that you have seen the status, hiding that you are writing a message or recording an audio clip, and hiding that you have received or read the message, and many more. It is a useful addition that distinguishes this version of WhatsApp AP Gold, and we will address each one of them separately.

  • Automatic reply to messages: This feature enables you to leave a private message when you receive messages from your friends if you are offline or do not want to reply to them, and you can also specify when the message is sent and the contacts you want to leave a message for you.
  • Schedule messages: With this feature, you can choose any time to automatically send a message to the contacts you selected, and you can also control the number of times it is sent.
  • Hide conversations or chats: This add-on allows you to hide any conversation from the chat list, and it can be easily activated by long pressing on any conversation you want to hide, then choosing from the WhatsApp Gold top menu “hide”, you will be asked to create a new password in order to protect chats hidden. And if you want to show it again, click on the word WhatsApp in the top menu, and enter the password you chose, the hidden chats will appear to you, then you can select any conversation by pressing and holding it as in the first, then choose from the top menu “Show”.
  • Protecting the golden WhatsApp with a password: One of the features of the WhatsApp developer Abu Arab is the protection of WhatsApp with a password so that no one can open the application without knowing the password.

What is the golden WhatsApp update?

  • Customize the interface of WhatsApp Gold: The application provides many tools to change the appearance of WhatsApp so that you can download a variety of available themes, wallpapers, and stickers, in addition, you can change the text font of WhatsApp and many elements of the appearance of the application.
  • Upload a video to the status of more than 30 seconds: As the original WhatsApp is known, it does not allow to upload a video to the status of more than 30 seconds, but by using the “Gold split” application, you can exceed this limit and upload any video, as this application splits the video into several clips They are 30 seconds long, and then you can easily raise them into status. Golden WhatsApp.
  • Download statuses: In the traditional version of WhatsApp, you cannot download photos or videos from your friends' statuses, but in this version, you can do so easily.
  • Operate more than one number on WhatsApp: You can run two or three WhatsApp accounts on one device.

The most important updates in WhatsApp Gold

  • This version of the WhatsApp Gold application also allows downloading friends' cases.
  • The ability to see all messages that have been deleted from the conversation.
  • New additions to the themes for this version.
  • New additions to the stickers for this release, so many Arabic stickers have been added.
  • The cases for this version are long and are no longer limited to only 30 seconds.
  • The problem of downloading and installing this application has been resolved in this version.
  • The problem that there is not enough space has been resolved in this version.
  • This version provides the ability to lock and hide conversations.
  • It is not limited to these features, but there are many other advantages.

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