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Does WordPress Provide Hosting? or

Does WordPress Provide Hosting ? or

WordPress websites now account for 40% of the internet, making it the most popular way to build websites in 2021. To run a WordPress website, you'll need three things: WordPress software, website content, and WordPress hosting, which stores all of the code.

While provides web hosting, this is not always the best option because you are limited in what you can do with your website. vs

  • You may have noticed that and exist. What is the distinction between the two? Which should you choose? Let us begin with a high-level overview.
  • WordPress hosts websites that are created directly through the website. WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg created this for-profit service. You create and launch your personal website directly on
  • offers free open-source software for use on your personal web hosting. Because you must provide your own web hosting and domain name, it is sometimes referred to as self-hosted WordPress. The term "WordPress" refers to this open-source software.
  • WordPress uses a customized version of the software, which has limitations. WordPress's full potential can only be realized with your own WordPress hosting.

Does WordPress offer hosting?

Yes, provides hosting, with both free and paid plans available. There are no upfront costs when hosting directly on, and you do not need to purchase a separate domain name. WordPress is installed and updated automatically for you.

However, even with paid plans, there are limitations, and you will quickly outgrow You have access to only the tools, plugins, and themes built into, not the entire catalog available directly from

1- Restrictions on free websites

2- Custom domain names are not permitted, and you can only have one subdomain.

3- Themes and plugins cannot be installed, and the provided themes cannot be styled with CSS.

4- Users will see advertisements on your site's home page, but you will not profit from them, nor will you be able to place your own advertisements.

5- WordPress branding cannot be removed from the footer.

6- The website has few SEO and analytics tools.

7- There are no options for backing up the website.

8- Websites hosted on have limitations.

9- You have access to only the tools, plugins, and themes built into, not the entire catalog available directly from

10- The costs may be higher than those associated with traditional web hosting.

To use professionally, you must buy at least the $50 annual package, which includes a custom domain name and the removal of advertising from your site. Many different companies can register domain names, but if necessary, you can register a domain name directly with when you create your account.

The next level is Premium, which costs $96 per year. It primarily provides backups, Google Analytics integration, the ability to add custom CSS, and the ability to run your own advertisements to monetize the site. However, you must share the revenue generated with

  • You can install compatible themes or plugins with the $300 per year business plan. You can also remove the WordPress footer link and obtain SEO tools.
  • To set up an online store, you'll need the eCommerce plan, which costs $540 per year. VIP plans for enterprise-level websites are also available, though they start at slightly more than $20,000 per year.

Themes and Plugins

1- There are approximately 100 free themes to choose from, as well as another 80 that can be purchased separately. These themes are all designed for use on and are not the same as those available for self-hosted WordPress sites. It should be noted that unless you have a premium plan, these themes cannot be customized with CSS.

2- While the core WordPress package includes the necessary features to get a site up and running, most users will require additional features that can only be obtained through plugins. Starting with the Business plan, you can install specific plugins; otherwise, you are limited to is features.

3- Some basic Jetpack features, such as the ability to add contact forms, surveys, and reviews, are available on sites. It also keeps track of site activity, such as when pages/posts are published or modified, or when a new theme is enabled.

4- It is critical to understand that not all themes and plugins are compatible with websites. If you want to use a specific theme or plugin, make sure to check with the developers first.


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