Create a website without programming knowledge from your phone only

Create a website without programming knowledge from your phone only

Creating a web page although it is not very difficult requires some programming knowledge. However, as we always comment, there are many processes that have been facilitated to the point that users with minimal knowledge can create their sites. There are tools to perform this task without writing code, however, today we will introduce you to one that offers something similar but from a smartphone.

Its name is Airsite and as mentioned earlier, it is an application that will allow you to easily create websites from your smartphone without the need for programming knowledge.

There is no doubt about the enormous potential that a smartphone offers as a tool for dozens of tasks. So, considering that at the moment we can edit photos, create music, etc., creating a web page is not impossible. This is precisely what Airsite offers, an app for the two most popular mobile platforms that will help you get your website up and running easily.

When you open Airsite, the first thing that attracts attention is the beautiful interface that it integrates, which makes it very friendly, especially for users with little knowledge. The operation of the application depends on the use of templates, so in the beginning, you will just have to choose a template for your site and then start modifying and customizing all the sections in it.

 In the end, you can host your site for free in a website hosting service to start receiving traffic right away.

Link download: Airsite 

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