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Best apps to play YouTube videos in the background of your phone

Best apps to play YouTube videos in the background of your phone

Many of us may sometimes want to watch a YouTube video and at the same time browse Facebook if he does anything else on our phone, and as we all know, the official YouTube application does not allow that, to solve this problem, a group of developers developed applications similar to the official version of YouTube with added features Others include watching videos in the background or in floating mode and in this post I will share with you the best five of these alternative applications to the official application that enables you to watch videos in floating mode.


This application has been on the Google Play Store for a year, but this application was recently removed for violating the laws and policies of Google, but it can be downloaded from the APKPURE store. Supports forward, backward, and stop playback on the lock screen and on the notification center.


Using this application, you will be able to listen to your favorite music in the background, as the video sound remains on even after you exit the application, which will benefit you a lot if you listen to music a lot from YouTube, this application is still available on the Google Play Store, but I do not think it will continue like this and it will be Delete it soon, and the beauty of this application is that it is completely free of ads, meaning that you will enjoy watching without annoying ads.

 OG YouTube

This application is distinguished from the rest of the applications that we mentioned, with its attractive interface, such as the official YouTube application, where there is no difference between them in terms of the shape of the interface, but it differs from it the wonderful features in it as it contains the download feature to download videos of various quality and formats, and other features, such as the ability to download a number of clips Simultaneously, in addition to the ability to play videos in floating mode, and the ability to play music on a lock screen.

Floating Tube

This application is one of the best applications that contain the feature of playing videos in floating mode, where you can move the floating icon of the application anywhere on the screen with the possibility of controlling its size as well, and search through it on YouTube as well as quick access with one click to the last videos that you have watched recently.


This application is wonderful in every sense of the word, as it first comes with the feature of playing any clip on YouTube in the background, and also supports downloading any video, and even converts the video to audio, and of course, the application will ask you to download some accessories to take advantage of all its advantages, on its part. The app is free and is a great way to play YouTube videos in the background.


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