Top 5 mobile games that will help you increase your intelligence 2022

Top 5 mobile games that will help you increase your intelligence 2022

In addition to what many may believe, video games can provide important aid to the development of intelligence in people, which turns out to be a theory supported by a few scientists.

True, not all games work under this concept in the same way, but there are some games that are specifically designed to make you test your brain and increase your intelligence.

Therefore, today we are going to introduce you to 5 interesting games in this category so that you can train your brain in a fun way and without even realizing it, so let's go for it.

Brain It On!

 It's the first option that we find in these top five, and basically going to the point, it's a video game where you'll have to solve different puzzles applying the laws of physics, either so that the object falls into the right place or as it collides with a certain object.

You will see that there are a lot of different levels where your brain will be required as the levels progress. You can download them completely for free on Google Play, although you can also find different paid puzzle packages to have at your disposal right away.

Peak – Brain Games & Training

In this game, you can find a variety of puzzles designed by specialists from universities such as Cambridge or NYU, which testify to the seriousness and depth of this project.

Basically, Peak was like your personal brain trainer that will help you stay active, all through games that will test your memory, mental agility, coordination, etc.

Lumosity: Brain Training

 Luminosity offers material and subject matter very similar to Peak, with different brain training to improve your cognitive skills, all while solving problems that will help you test your brain speed and flexibility.

The game has more than 30 different activities, and the very interesting thing is being able to see your game's analytics where you will be told what you need to improve and what you are doing right.


It's time to introduce KAMI 2, a puzzle game with more than 100 fun puzzle levels for you to beat with your wits. As you can see, the game has very attractive and original graphics, as well as the puzzles themselves, which are also fairly new.

2048 Original

As a last option for this great top, we have 2048 Original, a game that has a theme or method very similar to Sudoku games. The goal is simple: inside the grid, you have to slide the squares so you can combine these slices, where you can get the number 2048.

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