Thousands of Android users switch to iPhones in record numbers

Thousands of Android users switch to iPhones in record numbers

Despite the economic downturn frequently reported on YouTube and the media, Apple reported record revenue for the June quarter, up 2% over the prior-year quarter. The most interesting thing about all of this is that Android users have helped Apple make it happen because a large number of them have switched to the iPhone.

"Switchers" are what Apple calls those who migrate to the iPhone from other operating systems. Since the death of Windows Phone, these users tend to come from Android but now the migration is to iPhone.

Apple got a little more revenue than the iPhone thanks to Android users. Added to this, in services I got 3% and 12% more. Although, slightly lower for Macs, iPads, and the "wearables, home, and accessories" category.

Apple noted that "supply constraints and negative effects" caused this drop in Mac revenue, however, this is also a red flag for the company, as it happens at an exciting time for Apple as Apple is relying on new Silicon processors.

Apple may need to work on getting more Windows users to Macs, however, it's clear that it no longer has to work so hard to get Android users to switch to iPhones.

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