motorcycle accident lawyer california 2021

 You Should Speak To Motorcycle Injury Lawyer After A Crash

motorcycle accident lawyer california 2021

If you had been injured in a bike twist of fate withinside the Bay Area, you must apprehend your criminal rights. This article offers a fundamental advent to motorcycling twist of fate regulation in California. First, we talk about the alternatives you've got for economic reimbursement after a bike twist of fate. Then, we explain how a motorcyclist establishes negligence in a non-public damage lawsuit and why a criminal idea called “comparative negligence” frequently performs a function in bike twist of fate court cases. Finally, we deliver an outline of the kinds of damages a bike twist of fate sufferer may also acquire in a non-public damage lawsuit and the way a skilled bike twist of fate attorney can assist. motorcycle accident lawyer california

What You Should Do After A Motorcycle Crash Injury

After a bike twist of fate, you've got alternatives for securing reimbursement in your accidents and different losses: a non-public damage declaration or a non-public damage lawsuit. It’s crucial to apprehend the distinction among the.

In non-public damage declare, you record a coverage declare together along with your coverage company and/or that of the at-fault driving force. This initiates research so that it will be controlled with the aid of using a person referred to as a coverage claims adjuster. After the research is whole, you have interaction in negotiations till the coverage employer gives you an economic agreement to compensate you for your accidents, economic losses, and belongings harm. In trade for accepting the agreement, you generally ought to signal a launch in that you conform to surrender your proper to sue the at-fault driving force in the courtroom docket. motorcycle lawyer california

Non-public damage declare is generally the primary route of movement after a bike twist of fate. If the claims negotiation and agreement technique break down and it seems which you won’t be capable of acquiring ok reimbursement in your accidents, you can record a non-public damage lawsuit. A non-public damage lawsuit is a civil criminal movement wherein an injured man or woman makes a call for cash damages that don't forget the severity of his or her accidents and different losses suffered because of a critical twist of fate. Many non-public damage court cases settle earlier than accomplishing a trial, however, a few visit trials and a choose or jury will determine the quantity of cash the injured man or woman is entitled to acquire. motorcycle accident lawyer

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, bike fatalities have accelerated over 129% from 2,028 in 1997 to 4,654 in 2006. However, the maximum of the accidents sustained is to the decrease body. Common accidents consist of avenue rash, damaged bones, in addition to again and backbone accidents.

How Do I Prove Negligence in a Motorcycle Accident

If you record a non-public damage lawsuit after a bike twist of fate, your lawsuit will probably consist of a declare or claims in opposition to the at-fault driving force for negligence. The definition of negligence is the failure to behave with the extent of care that an affordable man or woman might have used beneath neath the identical or comparable instances. In California, there are 5 factors of fashionable negligence declare. personal injury lawyer california

A “detail” is an important constructing block of a criminal declares. If you may set up all the following factors with the aid of using a preponderance of the proof, your declare will now no longer succeed.

Duty: The defendant ought to be obligated with the aid of using regulation to behave positively in the direction of the injured motorcyclists. In the case of a bike twist of fate concerning a passenger automobile or industrial truck, the “defendant” will be the at-fault driving force. There is sort of usually a criminal obligation for drivers of passenger cars and industrial vans to workout affordable care in the direction of motorcyclists at the roadway.

Breach of obligation: The driving force ought to have breached his or her obligation to work out affordable care. If a driving force breaks a visitors regulation and hits a motorcyclist, the courtroom docket may also robotically anticipate that the driving force has breached his or her obligation of care beneath neath a criminal idea this is identified in California called “negligence according to se.”

Cause-in-reality: The injured motorcyclists ought to show that the driving force truly brought about his or her accidents and different losses. This detail is now and again noted as “however-for” causation due to the fact the injured motorcyclist ought to display that however for the movements of the driving force, his or her accidents and different losses might now no longer have occurred. accident lawyer

Proximate purpose: The driving force in a bike twist of fate case will most effective be legally and financially responsible (or “liable”) for the harms suffered from the aid of using the motorcyclist that had been foreseeable because of the twist of fate. In maximum bike twist of fate court cases in California, critical accidents are taken into consideration to be foreseeable outcomes of negligent using and proximate purpose is established.

Damages: The injured biker ought to display that the bike twist of fate brought about her or him to go through legally identified harm, generally withinside the shape of physical damage, economic losses, or harm to his or her bike and different belongings.

A skilled bike twist of fate will collect proof from the events who had been worried withinside the twist of fate, regulation enforcement officers, your hospital treatment providers, and different professionals to assist construct your case and set up that the driving force who injured you turned into negligent ininflicting your accidents. motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles

How Will Comparative Negligence Impact My Case

California courts practice a criminal idea referred to as natural comparative negligence to non-public damage cases, along with bike twist of fate court cases. Under this idea, if there may be proof that the plaintiff turned into additionally drastically at fault for the twist of fate, the quantity of cash she or he, in the long run, gets may be decreased with the aid of using the share of his or her responsibility.

In many bike twist of fate court cases, the at-fault driving force will argue that the injured motorcyclist turned into additionally negligent in inflicting the twist of fate. While that is now and again true, that is frequently used as a protection tactic with the aid of using the at-fault driving force’s legal professionals to lessen the number of damages you acquire in your accidents and different losses. For example, say a truck driving force and a motorcyclist are in a twist of fate. As a result of the twist of fate, the motorcyclist suffered $250,000 in damages. The legal professionals for the truck driving force effectively argue that the motorcyclist turned into 40% at fault for the twist of fate. Under California regulation, the motorcyclist’s damages might be decreased with the aid of using 40% to $150,000. motorcycle attorney california 

This is one of the many motives why it's far crucial to rent a skilled and competitive bike twist of fate attorney to address your case.

What Types of Damages Are Available in a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit?

The last intention of any bike twist of fate lawsuit is too stable reimbursement for the sufferer’s

 accidents and the different harms that she or he suffered. In California, a plaintiff who succeeds in his or her bike twist of fate lawsuit can anticipate acquiring reimbursement for the subsequent kinds of damages.

Costs of Past and Future Medical Treatment. If you reach your lawsuit and the alternative birthday celebration or events had been absolutely at fault, you may anticipate acquiring complete reimbursement for the expenses of any beyond and destiny clinical remedy wanted because of the accidents you sustained withinside the twist of fate. This consists of expenses for time spent in an emergency room or care facility, copayments for visits to your medical doctor or different remedy facilities, expenses of prescribed drugs and different clinical supplies, and the price of any ongoing bodily remedy or long-time period care.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering. If the accidents you sustained to your bike twist of fate had been excessive and lead you to revel in severe ache and emotional suffering, you will be entitled to reimbursement. Your attorney allows you to decide whether or not it’s suitable to pursue reimbursement for this kind of harm as a part of your lawsuit.

Lost Wages. Many bike twist of fate sufferers is compelled to take time far from their jobs to get over the critical accidents they go through in injuries. Unfortunately, a few are left not able to paintings for prolonged durations of time or grow to be completely disabled. If you lose wages or have your capacity to paintings is impacted because of a bike twist of fate, you need to be compensated for your economic loss.

Damage to Property. If your bike or belongings you had been using at the time of the twist of fate turned into damaged, you can acquire reimbursement for the truthful marketplace cost of your motorcycle and different belongings at the time of the bike twist of fate.

Case Result

A younger Naval officer turned into using his bike on Highway101 in San Jose whilst a driving force converting lanes swerved into him and brought about him to crash. Although each driver had been going much less than 25 mph because of rush hour visitors, the younger rider nonetheless took a few critical physical harms, along with head trauma that has left him with everlasting reminiscence problem.

Due to his accidents, obligations at his task have needed to be adjusted. Thankfully, the Navy has been pretty accommodating to his needs. Even so, he will, unfortunately, since the consequences of this twist of fate forever.

The at-fault driving force most effective carried coverage with a $100,000 coverage limit, however, GJEL did reach convalescing this complete quantity. san diego motorcycle attorney

The Motorcycle damage lawyers at GJEL are status with the aid of using geared up to assist to your time of want.

motorcycle accident lawyer california

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, bike fatalities accelerated to 548 in 2016 from 494 in 2015—an boom of over 10%. There had been additionally over 13,000 damage collisions concerning bikes in 2015.

Although using a bike is a famous interest way to the country’s surroundings and climate, a twist of fate facts like those must deliver all bikers pause.

Below, we summarize a number of the pinnacle reasons for bike injuries. Often, motorcyclists themselves are at fault for injuries, however, maximum injuries are resulting from different motorists on the street. motorcycle lawyer san diego


Alcohol performs a big function in lots of collisions. According to California’s Internet Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) data, alcohol or tablets had been the number one aspect in around 7% of all collisions in which the motorcyclist turned into at fault for the crash. Drugs and alcohol would possibly have additionally been a contributing aspect in lots of extra injuries.

These facts do now no longer consist of injuries in which some other motorist is liable for the collision. In one's cases, impaired motorists can collide with motorcyclists for numerous motives:

The impaired driving force can't see the biker, in particular at night.

The impaired motorist can't choose distances nicely and may try and execute a left-hand flip immediately in the front of the bike.

An impaired motorist has slowed reflexes, which prevents them from breaking or swerving in time to keep away from a twist of fate. motorcycle accident attorney california

The impaired motorist engages in reckless behaviour

It isn't feasible to absolutely guard in opposition to impaired drivers. Nevertheless, you may take a bike protection abilities route so that it will sharpen your capacity to take protecting movement in case you see an automobile drifting into your lane.

Unsafe Speed

By away, the biggest purpose of bike injuries is using too rapid for situations. According to California data, this turned into the number one collision aspect in nearly 1/2 of all injuries that had been the fault of the motorcyclist. motorcycle accident lawyer san diego

Driving too rapid can purpose injuries in numerous ways. For example, the motorcyclist may have much less time to prevent or sluggish down whilst visiting too rapid. It may be very clean to unexpectedly encounter something in the street, like a stranded motorist, and now no longer have enough time to behave.

Travelling rapidly also can make a biker lose manage of the motorcycle. The possibilities of hydroplaning or skidding out will increase dramatically relying on how rapid the motorcycle is visiting.

Other motorists also can collide with motorcyclists whilst they're visiting too rapid for the identical motives as the ones indexed above.

Improper Turn

A big variety of injuries also are resulting from unsuitable turning. Though motorcyclists can now and again make an unsuitable flip and purpose a crash, it's far away much more likely that some other motorist makes a flip that reasons a twist of fate.

In reality, vehicles making left-hand turns purpose around 42% of all deadly injuries with bikes. These injuries frequently arise at intersections, in which a motorist is ready patiently to make a flip. Often, motorists, unfortunately, do now no longer even see bikes coming in their direction. accident lawyer california

Sometimes, the bike is hidden in the back of an automobile, and the driving force assumes that there may be no visitors in the back of the automobile passing thru the intersection. As a result, they quick execute a left-hand flip—and ruin immediately right into a motorcyclist transferring thru the intersection.

In different situations, a motorist ready to make a left-hand flip would possibly see a coming near bike however consider the motorcycle is visiting tons slower than it's far. Other motorists certainly lack admiration for bikers and suppose the biker must prevent for them once they make a left-hand flip.

Whatever the reason, unsuitable turns are a critical aspect in lots of injuries. To guard yourself, motorcyclists must usually workout severe warning whilst coming near an intersection. It is likewise beneficial to experience towards the middle line so that the ready motorist can see which you are in the back of some other automobile. motorcycle injury attorneys

Distracted Driving

The unhappy reality is that too many humans are seeking to do too much stuff at the same time as out on the street. car accident lawyer

Instead of that specialize in using, many motorists and motorcyclists are as a substitute speak at the phone, sending or analyzing a textual content message, eating, or in any other case spacing out.

Problems with distracted use are heightened for motorcyclists due to the fact they're frequently invisible to different drivers.

Motorcycles generally tend to combination with the street or with different vehicles, and drivers aren't truly seeking out motorcyclists.

Also, many bikers put on darkish helmets and darkish apparel, which in addition acts to masks them.

Distracted using maintains to boom. Nevertheless, there are matters that motorcyclists can do to make themselves extra visible. For example:

Paint your motorcycle a vivid shadeation. If you don’t need neon pink, then as a minimum don’t pick out a darkish shadeation like black or brown. Instead, cross for vivid crimson or white.

Wear vivid apparel. You also can put on a colourful helmet. Lime inexperienced or yellow tends to face out.

Put reflective tape for your apparel and on the bike.

Add auxiliary lighting to your bicycle.

Use your beams at some stage in the day. These will make you stand out.

.motorcycle accident lawyer california

Tap your horn in case you are getting into a blind spot or in case you suppose a motorist can't see you.

Following Too Closely

Motorists want a cushion among them and surrounding cars in case they want to prevent or sluggish down. When motorists observe too carefully, they could without problems collide with different cars around them.

According to SWITRS data, following too carefully turned into the number one purpose in fewer than 2% of all injuries in which the motorcyclist turned into at fault. However, tailgating may also have been a contributing purpose of many extra injuries.

When coupled with negative avenue situations, together with sleet, snow, or rain, following too carefully is a recipe for disaster. Especially in a negative climate, keep in mind to present yourself a delivered cushion of time—4 seconds or extra. Reckless bikers would possibly suppose that they don’t want a cushion due to the fact they could manoeuvre the motorcycle quick out of the manner to keep away from a crash. motorcycle accident lawyer

Unfortunately, it's far simply as probably that you'll quick keep away from the crash however then strike some other automobile or lose manage of the motorcycle while you swerve onto a gravel shoulder.

Lane Splitting

Because bikes are smaller than passenger cars, a few bikers want to force among lanes of slowed or stopped vehicles to make headway in visitors jams. This is called “lane splitting,” and it, unfortunately, is pretty dangerous.

When you lane split, you dangerous hanging an automobile or having an automobile strike you because it inches alongside the street. Most motorists aren't awaiting motorcyclists to chance inside and out of visitors so that they won't be seeking out you.

Colliding with a Fixed Object

A big variety of bike deaths stem from bikes colliding with desk-bound items like trees, mailboxes, hearthplace hydrants, and walls. There are many motives why a motorcyclist might collide with items that they must be capable of keep away from. For example, a motorcyclist would possibly grow to be distracted, both due to the fact they're analyzing a textual content message or speak on the phone. motorcycle lawyers

Motorcyclists may also lose manage in inclement climates and crash into items. The motives for dropping manage would possibly vary, with using too rapid for situations being one reason.

Dangerous Roads

Sometimes defects on the street purpose bike injuries. Because of their smaller length and more instability, bikes frequently have extra problems with avenue defects than operators of passenger cars or industrial vans. Many one of a kind avenue dangers can purpose a biker to lose manage, along with:

Uneven pavement
Sloping roads
Defective shoulders
Oiliness or different slickness on the street
best motorcycle accident lawyer
motorcycle accident lawyer california
Some avenue defects have existed for years without the authorities taking any movement to make the street more secure for all motorists, along with bikers. In positive situations, you may sue the authorities for failing to restore the street.

Car Doors

An automobile parked at the facet of the street commonly poses no trouble to a motorcyclist. However, if a passenger withinside the automobile opens a door without searching in the back of them, then the biker can force instantly into the door. Many bikers tear the door off and/or come to be being thrown clean in their motorcycle, in which they collide with the pavement or some other parked automobile. motorcycle accident attorneys near 

In town using, you may keep away from this trouble with the aid of using towards the middle of the lane. Also, keep away from seeking to buy skip cars at the proper, that can place you in direct line for hanging the opened door of a parked automobile.

Malfunctioning or Defective Motorcycles

Even cautious protecting using can't save you all injuries due to the fact now and again a crash is resulting from your motorcycle. When bike malfunctions, even the maximum ability biker can lose manage and come to be colliding with some other automobile or a desk-bound object.
Motorcycles are recalled all of the time. Some of the maximum current recollect for protection defects consist of:

Yamaha recalled nearly 3,500 motorcycles in 2018 due to the fact the force chain defend may want to grow to be free because of an illness.

Brembo issued a recollect due to the fact faulty brake pads may want to offer much less powerful braking. The illness turned into brought about at some stage in the producing technique.

Harley-Davidson issued a recollect due to issues that its antilock brakes may want to purpose injuries if now no longer nicely maintained.

You can test the maximum current bike remembers with the aid of using travelling the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) internet site here. You can appear up your bike with the aid of using its VIN, which you may commonly discover on a metallic plate close to the steerage head.

If your bike is a concern to a recollect, you must take it to be repaired as quickly as feasible, in any other case you're growing your danger of a twist of fate.

Of route, now no longer all bicycle defects will display up in a recollect at the NHTSA internet site. There would possibly be most effective had been trouble together along with your bike and now no longer others withinside the manufacturing line. Even withinside the absence of a recollect, injured motorcyclists can maintain the producer liable for the twist of fate and acquire reimbursement if the motorcycle is faulty.

Remember to have your bike serviced frequently and lift any troubles which you word together along with your mechanic.

Inexperienced Drivers and Motorcyclists

Driver inexperience also can contribute to bike injuries. If a driving force is beneath every 18 years of age, they ought to whole a bike rider education route. However, this requirement isn't required in case you are age 18 and older.

Unfortunately, too many riders are green in the way to perform a bike. As a result, they get into injuries that extra skilled bikers may want to keep away from with ease. If you are becoming your bike license, take an education route no matter whether or not it's far required. It may want to keep your life.

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? GJEL Can Help

California motorcyclists aren't powerless after a twist of fate. Even in case, you are affected by critical accidents and not able to paint, you may nonetheless take topics into your very own hands. In particular, you is probably capable of record a declare for reimbursement if a person else is liable for the twist of fate.

At GJEL, we've got revel in conserving the subsequent entities liable for collisions our customers go through:

Motorists for using negligently or recklessly

Motorcycle producers for placing faulty bikes or bike elements into the flow of commerce
The authorities for now no longer nicely keeping roads
Each case is one of a kind so that you want a skilled bike twist of fate legal professional in Northern California that will help you construct your case for reimbursement. For example, suing the country or one in every one of its municipalities is a mile one of a kind technique than in search of reimbursement from the driving force of a passenger automobile on the street.

You want to fulfil cut-off dates and deliver the authorities word of your declare earlier than you may record a lawsuit in the courtroom docket.

To study extra approximately how we can assist, please attain out to us as quickly as feasible. One of our Northern California bike twist of fate lawyers may be glad to fulfil with you to talk about the instances surrounding your crash. We can assist perceive whether or not you've got got a legitimate criminal declare and in opposition to who. Please name 1-866-294-6918 or publish our touch shape.

Avoid delay. California does now no longer deliver injured bikers a vast quantity of time to pursue reimbursement for his or her accidents. The faster you touch us, the quicker we can cross approximately getting you reimbursement in your accidents. motorcycle injury lawyer near

Are Motorcycle Accidents Treated Different Than Car Accidents

Technically, bike injuries and car injuries are handled identically beneath neath the regulation, however as a realistic depend juries are much less type and much less favourable to bike riders than they're to car drivers. And that is very frequently an unfair stereotype.

Have you been involved in a California motorcycle accident? Call 866-710-0838 for our motorcycle accident lawyers if your accident was due to someone else's negligence.


The jury now and again assumes that the motorcyclist is crazy, taking needless risks, etc – however, we do a lousy lot of bike damage cases, and those stereotypes may be conquered simply with the aid of using demonstrating that the man or woman turned into doing the whole thing properly, and turned into simply seeking to get to paintings and that it turned into now no longer their fault.

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